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Will (willpumpcity) wrote,
@ 2003-04-18 22:14:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:John Coltrane - Acknowledgement

    Woohoo. Spring break has finally arrived. Now theres only a few more weeks until graduation and the end of high school! I guess I'm a little worried about somethings that will come after that, but mostly, I'm excited and optimistic about starting a lot things over.

    Today was a pretty fun day. Was pretty damn tired during most of school. Fell asleep in a few of my classes. After school, I took Elaine home and then went back home to get some money and stuff, then came back and Elaine and I went off to the Block. It was really fun...I always have fun when I'm with her. Got a chocolate brownie frap, walked around and went into stores, we bought some shirts, and then came back to Rowland Heights to get some food and then came on back home. I'm tired and full now. Feel pretty darn good yo'.

    Well thats about it for now. Spring break should be alright. Gotta do some projects for school though, and practice for the talent show. Besides that it should be all good. Relaxin' and chillaxin' time. Woohoo. Alright, I'm damn tired. Goodbye Blurty.

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