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william brown (williambrown245) wrote,
@ 2012-02-26 01:07:00
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    Google Nexus One's Extravaganza
    The newest matter of today is regarding what they call the Google's baby. Google announced their new phone which is called the Google Nexus One.

    Nexus One is a smart phone from Google that utilizes the Android Open Source fluid Opening System (Android 2.1). The 2.1 firmware adaptation of the Android OS adds a some looks changes, like "Live Wallpapers", which are animated in the background plus respond to different customer inputs. It is produced by Taiwan's HTC Corporation, plus was launched on January 5, 2010. This phone is available through Google website, at a price of $529 unlocked. This is not restricted to any certain fluid network provider plus subsidized into $179 when purchased with a T-Mobile 2 season contract. This $179 T-Mobile price is only for people who are not currently under contract with T-Mobile. If one currently has T-Mobile contract, the cost of the product rises to $279.99.

    The Nexus One trademark application was filed by Google Inc. on December 10, 2009 in International Trademark Class 9 for "Computer Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products" with description of "Mobile phones".
    This device has a number of notable software attributes that create the phone a pleasure to use.

    Features of the product include the capability to transcribe voice to text, noise canceling dual microphones, plus voice way whilst driving.

    The Nexus One has access to over 20,000 applications through the Android Market. The list of applications installed on the phone can be access by pressing a individual switch that replaces the "Application Drawer". The thumbnail list can be scrolled upwards plus down plus as it's scrolled the application browse upwards into a 3d cube rather of disappearing within the screen. The screen bounces of similarly to the iPhone functionality.

    The Media Gallery of the product provides many attributes that allows the customer to brows, change plus share images plus videos on the phone. The Nexus One has a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen capable of handling multi-touch gestures. This comprises of illuminated trackball which is utilized to emit different color of light based on the kind of notification being received. The phone has a 2nd microphone on the back that monitors inbound noise plus automatically cancels it out during phone discussion. It is coming from a 4-conductor TRRS fashion 3.5 mm stereo head set jack. This adds microphone function to the stereo headsets. The phone additionally attributes a 5.0 megapixel auto-focus camera consist of LED flash plus online focus, GPS receiver, Bluetooth 21 + EDR plus 802.11 big Wi-fi capabilities.

    It has a snapdragon processor that permit several advanced capabilities including 720p video playback. There is a built-in hardware decoding plus can perform playing MP3, AAC+, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, plus MIDI sound, plus it can display the JPEG, GIF, PNG plus BMP image platforms. It has a micro USB port rather of the normal mini-USB port, has a 4GB storage capacity however can be expandable into 32GB by the use of micro SD card and has now 250hr power life in a standby mode.

    The multi-touch connection with the Nexus One is similar to that of other multi-touch enabled smart phones (iPhone, Palm Pre, etc.). Nexus One has additionally become the 1st smart phone to beat the iPhone 3Gs in CNET's comparison show.

    The Nexus One is thinner plus lighter compared to the iPhone 3Gs plus can be quickly synchronize with all Google applications, like G-mail, Google contacts plus calendar.

    This device has more blessings compared to other 3G iPhones. iPhones got just 3.5 inch touch screen whilst Nexus One has 3.7 inch screen. iPhone got a resolution of regarding 320 by 480 whilst Nexus One got 480 by 800. The iPhones processor is 600 megahertz whilst the processor of the Nexus One is 1Ghertz. This is very a bit faster than iPhones. iPhone can do multi-tasking just through arrest breaking whilst Nexus One can do it without condition.

    The Nexus One is an significant milestone in Smartphone market. This is said to become the Google's vision of perfect Android device that create upwards the whole thing perfect. From the best screen and very fast Snapdragon processor to the program elegance of the Google Navigation, Live wallpapers plus the voice keyboard.

    The screen plus the outer smooth plus brightly covering of the device must be protected by certain damages caused by dropping, slipping, plus much more. Damages can make your device uncomfortable to use plus can create your day disappointing.

    If you want to safeguard the screen plus outer covering of your device, Shield Skins is the best invisible protector that actually fits for your iPod touch. Shield Skins is one that can safeguard any device from scratches, scuffs, scrapes plus much, more. Your device might surely remain as wise searching, same as your day that you took it out from its box.

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