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william brown (williambrown245) wrote,
@ 2012-02-16 15:24:00
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    Commercial Dry Pet Food The Shocking Truth About Meat plus Fat Series No 1
    In this initial post, of the show of three, I'll provide you a detailed description of where puppy food providers certainly get the "meat plus fat" ingredients they employ to boost the risk for dry foods that puppy owners are eating a puppy. It's a very extended post because I should describe, inside detail, the contents plus process of what certainly gets into dry puppy, due to that, I'll be splitting it into three individual show, please stay with's important that you learn about this.

    I'll go into much more detail about all of the additional ingredients inside dry plus sticky food ie: additional by-products, fillers, additives, preservatives, contaminants, etc., inside some of my next articles. However now I'm going to focus on only the, so-called "meat plus fat" inside dry puppy food.

    So, if some of you may have delicate stomachs, prepare yourself...this aren't pretty! However, I think it's very important that you learnawful truth about what's "really" inside those attractively packed dry puppy food bags on store shelves, so you can safeguard a dog's wellness plus eliminate those poisonous ingredients from their diet.

    If you consider your furry friend a appreciated member of the family plus you're eating a puppy commercial dry puppy food, you ought to hear up plus know all you can about what's really inside those bags. Once you've read further plus educate yourself on the truth, I hope you'll agree you ought to create any changes or changes you think are essential inside a dog's food. Feeding your furry friend a safe plus wholesome diet is imperative inside guarding them from what potentially can cause damage.

    So, if you're nevertheless reading this, I assume a dog's wellness is important to you plus you care as to what gets into their mouth. In order to get (plus keep) your furry friend inside optimal wellness, stick with me...I'm going to open a eyes to the messy arena of commercial dry puppy food (I'll be your "Seeing Eye Dog", of sorts). After you check out this whole show, you'll see what I mean...

    So, What's Really In The Bag?

    Here's an in-depth search at the "meat plus fat". Series #2 may deal with the process of rendering...

    With puppy food providers offering virtually plenty of dry puppy food every year, do you ever question what's certainly inside those bags plus how puppy food providers get the meat along with other ingredients they submit them? Do you think they have big cattle ranches plus chicken farms, or grain farms plus vegetable gardens where they raise their own healthy livestock, wholesome grains plus fresh greens? That's the image that they like to portray...

    But it's wrong!...a revelation is pretty faraway from it!

    For the "meat plus fat" material utilized, they depend on rendering plants to provide them with the tonnage they need to create their products. Rendering plants really play a important role inside society for public wellness factors. Without them, our city streets, public highways plus nation paths would have diseased, dead plus decaying bodies of animals piled upwards's a filthy business but somebody must do it.

    In the early piece of the twentieth century, slaughter homes did much inside own rendering, but following the war it became a completely segregated industry so that as a result, these individual rendering plants escaped various federal regulations needed for meat processing plants. So that the industry is not below any authoritative or public scrutiny like the slaughter homes are, it mainly polices itself...not a advantageous thing!

    As stated inside my earlier post, animals that are dead, dying, diseased, or disabled prior to achieving the slaughter house (also called because "downers" or "4D" animals) plus commonly condemned, inside complete or inside piece, for human usage, aregenerally transferred for rendering. Also transferred, are other byproduct animal areas plus products that are undesirable or bad for human employ...these can include, but are not limited to, obsolete or spoiled grocery store/supermarket meats (including their plastic wrappers plus styrofoam trays), cut-away infected plus cancerous tissue, plus fetal tissue (which is big inside hormones), etc.

    In purchase for any raw slaughter house material (which is 1 of the renderers principal sources of raw material) to be brought to renderers, government regulation requires it be "denatured" prior to it being delivered. That means it should be deliberately contaminated plus made unfit for human usage, so because prevent it from ever having the ability to be useful for people. What "denatured" means virtually is it must first be soaked inside carbolic acidic, process, fuel oil, kerosene plus citronella "before" it goes to the renderer (Ugghh, sounds pretty frightening!).

    Another big source of material for renderers are veterinarians, sanitation employees plus animal control people (AKA because "Dog Catchers"). They not merely deliver euthanized dogs, pets along with other dogs (all inside plastic bags, some with flea plus leather or plastic collars nevertheless on), but additionally path kill like raccoons, skunks, rats, possum, deer, fox, rabbits, snakes....etc. I knew you'd be surprised...I was too when I discovered this!...but that is not all...there's more...

    There's the grocery/supermarket plus restaurant industries. As I mentioned earlier, super markets plus supermarkets require a approach to eliminate spoiled meat, fat, bones, etc (what puppy people think of because garbage or garbage) plus restaurants likewise require an outlet to eliminate of their spoiled ingredients plus utilized oil.

    So, the rendering plant receives piles plus piles of the waste, all it considered qualified for conversion into the various named "meats" plus "fats"to be found in production puppy food. There inside those piles is a conglomeration of both complete plus areas of animals, plastic bags, styrofoam material, metal tags, pet collars, flea collars, oil...almost anything deemed waste, but all fine for recycling into byproducts to be found in a dog's food.

    I explain the actual rendering process inside series#2...please understand it!

    Dogs Rule!

    Important Notice! Although we are extended time puppy lovers plus puppy advocates, we are not veterinarians or professional animal nutritionists. Our purpose is strictly to offer you info, which means you can create a own informed choices. Any and all info included within or stated inside this article is provided for general info purposes. The info provided is not direct veterinary advice plus must not be construed therefore nor substituted for a consultation with a veterinarian or puppy nutrition professional. Every puppy plus situation is different. If you decide to have anyconcerns about a dog's wellness, please contact a veterinarian's office instantly.

    We all love our dogs plus need just the very right to them! "In Dogs You Trust"

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