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Lauren (whymewhynow) wrote,
@ 2004-09-02 16:16:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:the drama summer - the starting line

    do you even remember
    thank goodness tomorrow is friday. this week has been mad boring. so many tests and quizzes ... it's driving me crazy. and my spanish teacher is so incredibly mean. she hates me and always calls me out on stuff, which doesn't make sense, because i'm not a bad student or anything. yea, i saw jacob yesterday. we talked for awhile after school and what did i tell you, he's all "yea, sorry i couldn't come and i forgot to call you." and no, i didn't say "well forget about me then." cause i still feel for him and i miss him and i'll probably still try to hang out with him because i'm weak like that. haha. yea. so tomorrow night im going to the football game with andrew, i think, also to this cookout kinda thing. these two guys built a grill and they're gonna cook for everyone. nice. afterwards i might go to the dance, i'm not sure. (probably won't have anyone to dance with :-( ) haha. we have monday off and i'm supposed to hang out with jenna john and spencer. should be fun. sweet. well i gotta study with mary tonight, so i'm gonna go do some other stuff first. lata.

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