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viscious fish (whore4disaster) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 23:30:00
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    You are FIRE

    Your inner element is one of great passion and
    intensity. You are a dramatic person who loves
    attention and knows how to get it. You tend to
    have many
    friends and admirers around you wherever you go.
    You have a strong intellect, tend to have
    strong opinions on issues close to your heart
    and don't know the meaning of tact. You are
    generally an active person who loves sports and
    all things competitive... and you like to win!
    Any career that will bring you the attention
    you crave and uses your talents of persuasion
    is ideal for you. Love tends to elude you
    frequently - you can more easily find passion
    or good friendship than true love. When you do
    finally fall in love... you fall with all your
    heart. However, when it comes to the passion
    end of things, you are second to none.

    Your greatest strengths are your courage to express
    yourself no matter what and your incredible
    charisma. You weaknesses are a tendency to
    narcissism and the possibility of alienating
    others with your forwardness. Balancing your
    strengths and weaknesses is crucial for you to
    achieve balance in your life.

    Astrologically, Fire is associated with the signs
    of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. You are most
    compatible for either love or friendship with
    another Fire Elemental or with an Air. You are
    least compatible with a Water Elemental.

    Now that you have an idea of your strengths and
    weaknesses, why don't you put them to the test?
    If you follow my lead I can take you to a game
    world where you can explore different sides of
    yourself and taste real power....

    ...and all
    the world can be yours.

    Which of the 5 Prime Elements are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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2003-11-28 20:05 (link)
could i get some entries please? why don't you write down one of your littleboy/acid/mushroom/unicorn stories you're so fond of telling....

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