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Tammi (whenshewakes) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 23:51:00
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    I'm thinking about nothing but I know there's something. There's always something lately. I never say much to people anymore, but I have so much in my mind that wants to pour out. I've taken every thought and message I've conveyed and analyzed it and taken every situation and turned it around and inside out. I feel analytical and cynical and yet, slightly philosophical.

    I'm thinking a lot about drama tonight. Not plays, but people. The drama people create with their own immature acts and words. So few people, in my opinion, truly understand what words can do. The smallest word out of place can make a person distrust you, can corrupt your whole story. It can break down a person's reputation and their stability, their emotional well being.

    My ADD is off in another world. Hence the scatteredness of my paragraphs. I shall quit because I can't keep on one track

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2004-02-24 20:07 (link)
you are wonderful.

i wish i were damon for one weekend.

well, not in a totally i want to bang you way. we should hang out. but you know that.

<3<3<3<3 jess

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2004-02-27 00:02 (link)
Aww, but I am so bangable. hah, j/k. I tell you though, this summer when school is out for you, I will find you on mapquest. I have your phone number, I can stalk you and you can listen to my little girl voice in person and laugh at my stupid acts

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