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_welc0me tOo mii liife_ (whcheer__) wrote,
@ 2004-11-05 22:42:00
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    Current mood: giggly
    Current music:Over nd Over aqaiin [[Nelly]]

    heyy what`sz uhp? nmhjc... well ii have nOt updated thiisz shitt iin awhile.. Well me nd justin brOke up nd hes a faq hEh... ^___^ well let`sz start with today ok i was runnin late bcUz i qotta straiqhtin mah haiir nd all that shit l0l and my dad`sz lyk ahh ur qoin to miss the bus hurry the fuck up so yeh we qOt iin another arqument nd now ii qotta qo to anqer maneqment.. ii d0n`t nO y ii dO n0t have anqer problem`z hehe.. Well ii lyk thisz kid iin all my classes named luis ^___^ he`sz sO sexyy hEh. ii duno iif he lyk`sz me yet.. h0pefully <3. well iim tired nd blahh l0l i d0n`t feel goOd ii have the sniffle`sz hehe... well tOday wuz qoOd i quess but this kid iis lyk retared me nd my friend`sz were all lyk u lyk guy`sz and then he did the m0ve l0l and he`sz lyk I LYK GIRL`SZ nd were lyk woah settle d0wn there.. haha.. omq l0l this other kid l0uis iis going to tell the kid ii lyk luis that ii lyk him omq lol ii was all lyk hey y0u knO luis right and he`sz lyk yeahh and iim lyk he`sz hot lmaO iit just slipped and he`sz lyk o0hhh iim tellin him.. Rawrrrr hehe he better n0t or iim kickin hisz asz haha well ii q0tta qO buh bye`sz

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