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sarah (wetcigarette) wrote,
@ 2003-06-22 21:08:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:DAMN IT. I deleted every song I ever had 2 days ago. AH.

    ooo i see london...

    I'm not quite sure if I'm going to get any of this right. Lets see how good i do.

    | Thursday | Alright, I couldn't get a hold of my sister to hang out with James, and I didn't get ahold of Matt until about 4:10 and the movie was at 4:50. He called his dad and asked, but his dad informed him they were going up to his cottage soo.. well, that didn't work out. I got REALLY pissed because I was suppose to goto the mall around 6 or something with James, then Tessa's afterwards but my dad was being a whore about it and wouldn't take me there and then take me to Tessa's. Lazy ass, my step mom has nothing to do because well, she's jobless. After being pissed off, I decided to take the easy way out and have Taylor stay the night.

    | Friday | Wow, woke up ass early to goto the mall. I'm talking like 8:00 or 9:00. Yeah, 8:30. That's the earliest I've woke up all summer. Anyways, Taylor and I met Alicia and Tessa at the mall, and the first thing Tessa said was some comment about how she's seen Charlie London's dick and it's "sooo huge". Haha, more on that later. Anyways, after the mall we went to the Plymouth pool for a while. We saw faggot Dani Gallagher there and I just about jumped her ass. Damn, she's dumb. Then... what happened? Ohh, Jimmy Hall, Josh Willey, Alicia, myself, Taylor, and Tessa went to Jeff ... I don't know his last name's house. Taylor and I left shortly after because we had to drop a bunch of clothes off at my moms and get the TP for our late night fun. Little did I know, my new cell phone was there! Sooo anyways, on our way back to Jeff's house to get Tessa and Alicia ( on the bikes, wooo ) Charlie and them drove by in his car, so Taylor and I took the bikes back to Jeff's house and Charlie came and picked us up, dropped Tessa off at her house because she had to go out to dinner with her parents, and then dropped Taylor, Alicia and I back off at the mall. I was like, freaking out. Charlie's honestly the hottest guy woooah he's fine lol. Anyways. We walked to Tessa's house around 7 or 8 maybe? I don't know, but shortly after her and her parents arrived. We went to Fairbanks house with Andrew Bobalek and Jordan Pena to watch Angels in the Outfield.

    | Saturday | Left Tessa's around 11 or 12, came home and layed out for a while. Taylor came by around.. oh I don't know 2 and we went back to the Plymouth Pool with her mom, little sister, and her little sister's friend. It was really fun, but then :D Charlie texted my cell and told me to call him when I got it, lucky me checked it half an hour later. I called him and told him I was at the pool, and I guess he lives real close to there so he came and picked me up. Well, we hung out for a while. OOOO Boy, that was fun. He's .. wow, lol. Lucious lips and all. Full package. Got dropped off at my moms, mowed the lawn, went to Chi-Chi's with my dad, and Taylor stayed the night. We slept in a tent ! Woo, we bonfired it with my dad and step-mom for like an hour and a half, it was funny. We got on the subject of sex and I freaked out, Taylor kept talking dirty to my parents. My dad said something about turning the car off, or I don't know, something, and she's like, "You're not going to be turning Debbie ( my step mom ) off tonight in the bedroom, ow owww!"

    | Sunday | Woke up around 10:00 sweating fucking bullets. Way too many blankets, tent not in the shade.. ahh. Taylor wasn't feeling good and got picked up around 11, then I went up to our property for the day. UGH. Boring as hell, couldn't text anyone or call anyone until like 7. Got home around 8, took a shower, was going to have Charlie over but one of his boys came into town so he's gunna chill w/ the guys for the night, which is totally cool with me. As of now, Alicia might stay the night.

    And, that's how my weekend went.

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