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Jenni (wendybitch) wrote,
@ 2004-05-25 20:43:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:none

    another day
    o yes a day off finally, trying to catch up on past events. work has been alright... workin home health kinda stinks but it pays the bills for now. Culvers is a fun environment to work in. friendly people and easy work. its funny one of my old friends called me tonight from mississippi... i miss him lots.. we talked for over an hour. it was nice hearin from him again. we dont get to talk that much anymore. he mentioned something about wanting to be with a friend for a long time but has made mistakes along the way. i know he was talking about me, but wouldnt tell me who it was. I dont know if i should take it serious or not. He has always played games with me in the past and has hurt me a lot. But for some reason i always let him hurt me. the last time i was home last summer he tried it again. I didnt fall for it and im glad i didnt because that was the last time he called me for awhile. Im glad i didnt give in to some of his bullshit. I just hope him going to mississippi gained him some self knowledge of who he is what he wants and who he wants to be with. Hes got a good head on him but sometimes he doesnt use it right. i've been in love with that kid since the day i met him. Im just glad he made the decision to get himself out of the area and open his eyes a little bit. It will help him out a lot in tryin to find himself. speaking of with, i need to go figure out what the hell i want to do with the rest of my life. ima go to the school and look into some of the departments and what they have to offer. I really dont think i want to be a teacher anymore and dont wanna take classes i dont need next semester. so nows the time to start figuring shit out. i miss my KY girl. miss seeing her everyday.. it feels the same as my high school friends whom was a one way friendship. it hurts but i dont let it get to me.. i keep on moving forward because i would be dead by now if i didnt. i think i might go home the end of next month.. my sisters and brothers niece and nephew all miss me. calling me every week to tell me that. miss em to death too. and then i might make a journy to madison and see my sister for a day or too in her new house, im so happy she has got a better pay job now... i dont have to worry as much now. we'll see though because i dont know what hours they are going to schedule me for next month. well thats all for tonight... i must get to bed now that i am wide awake because i took two naps today. o well the next few days should be easy only working at culvers. night all

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