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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 13:42:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Silver and Cold, AFI

    hello there!!!
    Friday night was the craziest night eva!!! it was the last day of school before winter break. There was an assembly before school ended. The AOMS Jazz Band played and Lena rocked on the drums. Drama 1 and 2 performed also. Jose was hilarious as usual. And kim was funny too. I found out that izzy used to go out w/ Lewis... interesting izzy lol. Afterwards Lani came ova and we went "places" around Harbor Pointe. Afterwards we went to Lenas hella cool concert down town in harding center. unfortunately chamille didnt show so Ryan and Lena had to have Paul on the bass. If u see paul tell him to never wear those shorts again please. Shayna, Eric, Kaylei, Dillon, Rachel, Lena, Ryan, Austin, Nick, Jose, Lani and I were there. Other peeps were too but i didnt know who they were. After the concert we all drove in a limo to Pizza Port. The limo ride was sooo much fun. We blasted 105.3 way up and we were all yelling to people who were walking on the side walk. The limo driver was kinda bitchy but i dont blame her because we had to pick up lena's parents and their friends in coronado. Kaylei u and Ryan shouldve kissed... just felt like saying that. Lena forgot some shizzle back at the building so she kaylei and ryan went ova there. Everyone else stayed at Pizza Port and bought some plastic *bling*bling* o yeah. then we ate pizza and went outside. Dillon, Jose, Ryan and Nick all went home with Dillon and Kaylei, Lena, Lani and I jumped back in the limo to pick up Lena's mom. By this time it was already like 11:00PM. i didnt actually know where lena's mom was... so i called my dad to let him know what was going on. He was soooo fucking pissed at me. Y? because lena's mom was in CORONADO!!! about an hour and a half away. O well. my dad yelled at everyone but i ignored him and tried to hav fun. We couldnt find lena's mom when we got to the "hotel" but it was a snazzy place and i felt like a hobo with jeans a dirty sweater and sneakers. While everyone was in shiny black dressies and pertiful jewels. o well, we went bak into the limo bcuz we couldnt find her mom. Then her mom and a bazillion freinds of hers got into da limo. Lani didnt want Taylors mom to see her so she pretended to fall asleep. Well the limo driver dropped everyone off. Lena's mom broght me and lani to my house. And we were so scared of my dad... because i thot he was gonna kill me and hav lani sleep on the streets. but he was chill. which was weird. i guess he was just in a bad mood? he even offered us ice cream... i will tell the rest later, gtg.

    !@#$%^&*() ┬┐KAREN┬┐ ()*&^%$#@!

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