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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 14:43:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:None

    i just dont know anymore...
    Life sucks... i am so stressed i havent updated in a long time. Well i have another bf, Kevin. He's in 8th grade and goes to valley. He's cool. I had a fun weekend, it was hectic and busy. i went over to lanis like every single day that weekend. After that starting Monday everyone knew shizzle that i didn't want them to know about. And that really sucked also. Especially since ******** told ****** that she knew about it and we got in a fight. I faked sick on Tuesday but i wish i hadnt because i ended up not going to the performance. Lots of fun shizzle happened there. Today was the honor roll field trip. Taylor and Kaylei are gettin togetha again? probably... i hope they do. Now ****** is mad at me because he thinks i told everyone something else i did over the weekend. But i didnt do anything. I dont know how it got out but everyone started coming up to me and asking if it was true. I said the truth to some ppl because they were my friends, and i lied to some ppl because i knew they would blab. But boy did i make the wrong decision. Now everyone hates me and thinks of me wrong, because those who i thot were my friends, obviously didnt care shit about me. I'm sorry to everyone. BUT CAN U JUST PLEASE FUCK OFF!! mind your own beeswax. When the hell did ppl start caring about me anyways. whatever. Now the only person i think i can really trust is noone. Well i know i can trust kaylei, she cool. And other ppl, i just dont know anymore... i h8 my life? Talk to u later. Mayb life will get better? Plus ****** said he didnt do shit anyways. I guess i just imagined it? BS... but o well. ****** will just lie his way out of it. And leave me in the dark where everyone can hate me... by myself... and where is lani when all this shit is happening to me? o wel. nvm. 4get it. my life sucks, i guess its just fate right?

    !@#$%^&*() ┬┐KAREN ()*&^%$#@!

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