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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 15:53:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:that one song by Nirvana... i forgot the name, damnitt

    Lots O Shizzle...
    I tried to write an entry a cupl days ago but my computa went minizzle on me so i was screwed. well on friday it was the calavera dance!!! soooooo much fun. at first i wasnt sure if i could go bcuz i didn't hav a ride there. I asked like 10 peeps and finally Nicole could take me. yay thnx Nicole! but then i couldn't find my permission slip so my m0m +yp3d A l3++3r 5aying i c0uld g0... screw that typing. anyways, the guy barely let me in. Then the lady that checked to see what was in yo' pokets felt my butt to see if i had stuff in my pants... damn, she is good. because i had something in my pants. not a gun, not weed, my ass.... well anyways... the party was trippin beau!!! i got my groove on. i hung out w/ kaylei, sam, jess, lani, lena, krista, vanessa, chalee ( i hope thats how u spell it ), kayla, nicole, and other ppls. Even old peeps were there... like: ASHLEY!!! yay ashley!!! i was proud of myself bcuz i danced w/ ben. yay. i mostly danced w/ this guy named colin who wore glasses w/ tape? and a ramones shirt, and this guy ( i dunno his name ) who had a blonde fro and wore a Germs shirt? well ya... i also danced w/ dalton... DYLAN!!! >:-O... and izzy i am sry, i hope u don't h8 me... well afta the dance someone said there was gonna b a fight. but there wasn't. so gay. and then i went to in n' out w/ ashley and lani. afterwards i slept over at lanis and talked to ppl on aim. then ashleys aunt picked her up at 10:15 and i had breakfast. Then my mom picked me up at 10:40 and we went to the orthodontist. then i picked some shiz up from my grandmas store. then i got our christmas tree!!! yay booootifull!!! o and me and kaylei had a concert today for chorus... we sang to old peeps. it was interesting... lots o ppls were sick. EVEN MY CARPOOL!!! he fell asleep and woke up at like 3:00 while me and my bro were still at school ( for the people that don't know me and are just reading this bcuz they are bored my school gets out at 2:10 ). that kinda sucked but o well. now i am here. so ya... i have lots of homowrk to do and i can't wait til the next calavera dance... we have to wait like a month but o well... ttyl bye!

    !@#$%^&*() ┬┐KAREN┬┐ ()*&^%$#@!

    PS. i dunno y but everytime i do that thing w/ the R inside the O my computer goes all wiggly on me... hmmm... so i cant do that shiz at the end of all my entries which sucks. I can only do the upside down ?. and i noticed i kinda talked snoop doggyish in my entry. hmm... with all the izzles and then ppls and peeps and shiz... o well bye!

    PPS. i just picked horny as my mood because i want to see what the face looks like. i am not actually horny... lol

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