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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2003-11-29 15:16:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:Days Of The Pheonix, AFI

    Single!!! and bored...
    I go downstairs and i sit with my mom. Shes watching a show on Animal Planet. Its about like the top 10 animals that eat weird stuff or something... All i watched was that #8 was this fish that eats rock¿?, #7 was dust mites and they eat skin... eew, #6 was dung beetles and they eat well... dung, thats all i watched because i noticed the computer was unoccupied. I sit down and sean says i stole the computer from him because he went to the bathroom. BS... then my dad goes to circuit city and sean wants to go with him so its only me and mom. Well i end up dumping Travis. and i had good reasons!!He doesn't go to my school, we never see eachother, and theres no good " communication " well thats what Izzy calls it... Speacking of Izzy she's going out with Dalton. Thats cool. Dalton remmeber what i told u. JK JK... ya. I am sooo bored!!!!!!!!!!! o well i was surprised i actually dumped travis. I have never dumped a guy in my life. Then again he is only my 2nd BF. sry Miller. We are still friends tho and thats kul. i was surprised that he seemed sad after i dumped him. I mean i can't believe he doesn't feel the way i did about our " relationship " We never did anything together. The last time i saw him was at Lena's Party which was about a month before we were actually togther. Anyways. I am so bored. Hopefully i'll go to the mall today. My mom said something about going to Macy's® or something... I hope we do. Bye.

    !@#$%^&*() ®¿KAREN¿® ()*&^%$#@!

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