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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2004-06-05 14:03:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:none

    Lani, im sorry
    LANI IM SOOOOOO SORRY! I CANT BELIEVE I SAID ALL THOSE THINGS ABOUT YOU! man i feel bad... :( and i like told everyone that i hate your freaking guts! Lani, its just you get on my nerve sometimes. Like, youll say things but do the totally opposite, and i cant deal with all the lying and the sneaking out like u can because my parents are just not as loose as your parents are. Plus, i mean the whole carly thing. I mean i like her, shes really nice, and i gave her a chance too. I just dont get how she can become your new best friend in less then a month. I mean u guys are closer then u and i ever were lani. And i guess that just pissed me off because i thought we were close friends. I guess not. I think that youre really nice and you are really cool most of the time. but then u just get in that bitchy mood where u act all controlling like u can just do anything. And then u make me feel bad by saying "Well, i would do that for you, you know i would!" and u say that because u dont realize that my range of friends is quite broad and sometimes u end up getting in fights with one of my friends. (Taylor, Vanessa, Jess) Anyways, im glad were friends again, and i hate this love hate relationship so hopefully u will like change your ways and i can change mine.

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add me!!
2004-06-18 20:23 (link)
hey karen its izzy...can u add me to ur friends list on here? shadows_cry_too .wooooot im out

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