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Karen (welcome2miwrld) wrote,
@ 2004-05-21 16:08:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:That's Youth, Anti-Flag

    smoking is bad for u! Remember Kids!
    Today was a regular day, someone wrote something about lani on the bathroom walls about her being a hoe, we had speaker come in who told us smoking was bad and stuff. She was really fat and loked old, but as just like 46. She told us all this awful bad mean stuff about tobacco companies and how they fucked her over. She had like a hole in her throat and she talked like a robot. Anyways, alot of people werent at school because of the AO Eco Beach Clean Up Field Trip Thing. I was gonna go but decided not to since i despise the beach. Im glad i didnt. Lani and this one Michelle chick were supposed to fight this girl name Bianca after school but she never showed... Hmm... im fucking grounded so i cant go to the Boys & Girls Club Dance. And no one will tell me what the "surprise" is... since my dads back from Germany we are going out to eat tonite. He wants to go to the movies too? But i dont want to go with my family on a FRIDAY NIGHT. To embarassing to handle. O, i had 3 tests today. Math, English and Science. Math was easy but the other 2 not so sure. Bs or lower i bet. Well thats it! Bye!

    Karen a.k.a. Queen Karen

    PS. What does cynical mean?

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2004-05-22 19:06 (link)
thanx for the awesome low down mz. kayle1, still wish i was there tho....

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