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cierra (weenerdudet) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 13:28:00
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    its been a long time
    well sorry for the long long tack of updats.....well i went to las vegas for new years and i was on tv...i also met the mayor of nevada. it was hella fun...lots of sexy guys in get hit on all the time. well i got back from vegas like on the second and then i went to my moms on friday and im here untill tonight at 7:30 then i come back on tuesday. its so cold in my house....brrrr

    yesterday i went to the mall with lauren...I hate the mall. Everything is too a smart thrift shopper...hehehe i went to the den last night for like halph in hour. i didnt go in tho. i saw the dude that sara likes...john he seems cool i guess. well grrr im super bored...i like tim. i think he is hella awsome. i wish i had something to do im so fukin bored!!!!!!! ok well im leaving

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