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kate (wedgietag) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 00:13:00
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    Current mood:mope-y-full
    Current music:nineinchnails

    boys = hell
    holy christmas what is up my lovers. i guess my parents are back on good terms for awhile after nearly killing eachother. bah. all the kittens are girls, if i didnt put that in here last time. :( now no one will want them.
    some people are so hard to get over. im crazy in love with this guy, i dont wnana put his name in here but im sure if he reads it he'll know its him, and i have been since like 3 1/2 or so months after i met him. hes just amazing, so funny and smart and on top of that hes actually really good looking. but everything between us is just fucked yeah. no great guy to love. at least for now.
    but then he goes and confuses me with the stuff he says, i know hes being sarcastic, but sometimes i cant tell. argh. i just figured id update. nothing really been happening. went shopping today. got some shorts (black, navy, red and pink) and some tube socks (red, pink and blue), and some capris and this cute red and white tank top. going again on thurs. hopefully i'll find a cute black bikini and some shoes. and some bras! lol.
    i might be seeing the hulk with meg and her friend dan on friday. hooray! and we are going to gargoyles to talk. hooray.

    i got my heart but my heart is no good.. id come along but i dont know where ure taking me.. the more i give to u the more i die.. you are the perfect drug.. and everything just falls apart.. i want you

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2003-06-18 01:08 (link)
Shopping! whoohoo! Man... I want a kitten.. my mom wants one too but she says we cant get one because of our doggies.. she doesnt like our doggies.. i want one :pouts:

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