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junky cardigan (watchdown) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 21:07:00
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    Current music:depeche mode - stripped

    i'm paranoid.
    my mom got her bonus at work, and she wants to take me and my sister on vacation.
    she was thinking about going to chicago or las vegas or orlando.
    i have a problem with flying. so. i'm kind of out.
    if we were driving, i would totally be fine. but we're not, and i'm all scared.
    oh well. i'll have the house to myself.
    i went to exton square mall with christa. we had chick-fil-a, and we both got stomach aches.
    i was thinking about my girlfriend the whole time. i'm all over the place.
    one second, i'm mad. the next, i'm sad. the next, i'm completely sympathetic, and i'm buying her a really cute stuffed panda bear from the discovery store.
    i'm totally love sick, and i need her.
    right here, right now.
    and the wait continues on...

    [i'm done whining]

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from will
2003-07-04 17:32 (link)
so i am readin gyou blurty.. and just loving it. more entries. more updates.. and while i am saddened that you are waiting oh so yet a bit longer for your love, and i am thankful i can keep up with your life. I have updated my xanga. talk to you, will

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