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Shane (wataru) wrote,
@ 2003-04-20 20:15:00
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    Fade In
    Greetings and Salutations.

    I've never been all that good at writing journal entries. Probably because nothing much goes on in my life. I tend to think that very few people outside of myself would care to know whats going on in it - and those that would care usually hear about it over the phone.

    As such, I can't guarantee that the content of this journal will be all that interesting. I've heard that writers are interesting, but I'm thinking that is a myth.

    And for the record, my nickname here in the Blurty-verse is Wataru, which is short for one of the characters in a story I'm working on, which, as thewriter01 mentioned, is Wataru Jones, Two Fisted Ninja. So, while I myself am not all that ninja-y (not at the moment at least), for the duration of my stay, anyone who cares can call me Wataru.

    Or Shane. Either / or is good.

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2003-04-22 18:35 (link)
Where did you get your icon? It's really cool. Meant to say that the other day but head wasn't working well. lol

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Re: Question
2003-04-24 18:39 (link)
Found it on my PC. I beleive Gargantua found it somewhere, but I've got no idea where. I think it's related to teh video game Tenchu (Stealthy Ninja Action) but don't quote me on that.

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Random adoration
2003-04-26 13:16 (link)
Just a random person, dont freak. Nice grammar skills, hope to read more from ya ;D. molto amore, adrienne

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Re: Random adoration
2003-04-26 16:44 (link)
Wow. Adoration based solely (i'm guessing) on good grammar. Gracias.

Like the entry says, I don't update that often, but you're welcome to read whenever you want. Fair warning though - I'll probably end up throwing poems into this mess on occasion, especially if I don't feel like reiterating that nothing happens to me. Feel free to skip those all together if you want.

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