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Shane (wataru) wrote,
@ 2003-07-09 13:27:00
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    My Obit
    This is from my old team.

    Effective June 9, 2003 wataru of ___, IT Group, New Accounts Team has passed on to that Programming Team in Storage Capacity we know as the Conversion Team. Paul will be remembered by his former teammates for his sick sense of humor, his interest in death and the occult, and a morbid delight in anything that has to do with Zombies or various other quasi-dead beings. We will miss his Gothic outlook and knowledge of Medieval History and culture; we just don’t know why we will miss it. Since we no longer are able to blame things on SNAFU (Systems normal, Andy F_____ up) we will now be able to blame everything on Paul (we know he left a Gremlin in the system and we won’t forget it). We truly regret that we will never get to find out if Paul knew any jokes other than sick ones. Programmers have nightmares; Paul was a nightmare. May his code rot in storage and infect all it comes in contact with.

    And now - my response to the whole affair

    Ok, first off, my interest in death and the occult – purely professional. Also, my delight is limited to zombies, and does not include other “quasi-dead beings” for matters of personal taste.

    Gothic outlook? Please. I took one of the Goth tests – I’m a low 24% Goth if my memory serves.

    Little do they know the Gremlin is not going to actually do anything dangerous. It’s just going to leave a strange smelling funk in the mainframe. Don’t look at me like that – he needed a place to stay and I have three cats with sensitive noses.

    My code will not rot – it’s been carefully embalmed.

    And I do know jokes that aren’t sick. Here –

    What did the fish saw when he swam into the concrete wall?


    HA! I kill me.

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2003-07-14 22:46 (link)
That sounds like they miss u.



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What really surprises me is
2003-07-17 13:49 (link)
That they knew the word "quasi" and were able to use it correctly in a sentance.

This entry cracks me up.



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Ok ......
2003-07-20 22:19 (link)
Dam..... I love it! Coolies!

Ok, I finally updated my journal. You need to update yours again. Both of them please! :P

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