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Shane (wataru) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 10:15:00
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    Obligatory Flashback Sequence
    This last week has been fairly busy. We’ll start with last Wednesday and work our way up from there.

    Today – 7 days.

    After work I spent some time chatting with my new friend – let’s call her Eve for now – before I started packing. Originally I was going to go home on Thursday, go the ceremony for thewriter01 and her husband’s 5th wedding anniversary on Friday (which was to include dinner afterwards), then hang out with one of my friends for a while on Saturday before going to another dinner Saturday evening (for those who couldn’t make the one the night before). Sunday would have been my traveling day to head back home.

    Cue monkeywrench.

    While talking with Eve, my Mom calls and tells me that my Great Uncle died, and the funeral is Saturday morning. So, after a few frantic minutes gathering information, my plans change.

    Today – 6 days.

    I’m up pretty early so I can pack, since I didn’t do any the previous night. Dad and my oldest sister arrive around noon to pick me up, and we head home after lunch. While not a terribly comfortable trip (Dad recently traded his car for a pickup. No extended cab, either) it wasn’t that bad a trip, I thought. Probably because I slept through most of it. We make one stop to pick me up a suit, since I’ve grown out of mine since the last time I wore them. Once that’s done, it’s off again and finally home about 7.

    Today – 5 days.

    I head into town and visit my older sister (I have two sisters, both older than me. This is the younger of the two). We head to lunch, then afterwards she runs me up to the church. Bride and Groom 2.0 show up a little before 4, and along with me (Best Man 2.0) they stand before their priest and re-establish their union in this, their new church (they joined about a year or so ago). After that, the three of us go out for dinner, and then they give me a lift home.

    Today – 4 days.

    The family is up and on the road just after 4:00 am. The funeral for my Great Uncle is at 10:30.

    At 8:00 am we pull into the drive at one of my relatives. We take a little while to visit, then we change and go to the funeral. It was a nice ceremony, even thought it rained. He is buried in the same graveyard as my Great Great Grandmother (who I remember some), my Great Great grandfather (whom I never met), and several other relatives. It’s quite a pleasant place, for a cemetery.

    At noon, we’re back at the church for a pot luck lunch. Mom takes a few minutes to talk with some of her relatives that we only see at funerals. I get to meet my Mom’s niece – which was a little odd. Funerals in general make me uncomfortable. You see all these relatives you’ve never seen before, and there’s always at least one or to that tell you to stop in for a visit, and you usually make a non-committal answer and smile when you really want to say something along the lines of, “Look I have no idea who you are. You tell me you’re my cousin, but I’ve got no idea who you are. I don’t know where you live, and to be quite honest, we’ll probably not see each other until the next funeral.”

    Funerals bother me. Does it show?

    When Mom’s finished with her visits, we head back to the relatives house and change. Dad and I go one way to get me home. Mom and my sisters head the other.

    I’m back in my apartment by 3:30 pm. I go to sleep around 10:00 pm. I am told that I was missed at the second celebratory dinner by one of our friends by thewriter01 when she calls a little before Midnight. I’m a little too tired to care at that time, though.

    Today – 3 days.

    Its Sunday. I do as little as possible. I succeed.

    Late in the afternoon, I chat with Eve some more. After she leaves, I notice an old friend of mine is online, so I say hello. She and I end up talking for a couple of hours while I re-write that zombie story I posted a little while back.

    Today – 2 days.

    For those of you without a job that requires you to send e-mail to co-workers, when you take a vacation, even a short one, you get inundated with e-mail. Some of it is useful. Some of it isn’t. Some of it is important. Some of it isn’t.

    One of the e-mails I got Monday Morning was downright annoying.

    I take this to my manager, we discuss it for a moment, and he says, “Stop by my office in a few minutes.”

    So I stop in. He leads off with this; “You’ll only have to worry about this for another week.”

    Sounds bad, right?

    He finished with this; “This is your last week with New Accounts. You’re being transitioned to the Conversion team.”

    What does this mean? It means I have this week to finish several things off. It means I’ll probably end up doing more work while I’m on the conversion team.

    It also means I won’t be handed a pager that’s liable to go off at 2 in the morning ever again after next week.

    So my day starts good.

    Then we get this weird problem that we can’t fix – or rather, that I can’t fix immediately.

    And that upsets me.

    Today – 1 day.

    Finished some things at work for my transition. Worked on my annoying problem, and eventually found probably causes – but no clear solution.

    At home, I talked to lola_o about the rewrite of the zombie story and to thewriter01 about life in general. Day ended better than it began.


    Took a phone call about 5:50 am concerning a problem with some of the things I finished up yesterday. Managed to fix it over the phone.

    I had my nephew run me into work in case there were other problems. By 9, I’ve gotten a fix ready for the issue I got called about earlier. By 9:30, I’ve figured out what happened on Monday to cause that weird problem and how to fix it. Currently, I’m waiting on that fix to be applied and wasting time until lunch. I’m down to only a few little things left to do and then I’m finished with my work for the New Accounts team.

    Hopefully, today won’t end badly.

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