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eyesOFautumn xx (warpedoddity) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 06:55:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Dishwasher running

    ok quick update... upon the color changes that were done to make everything a happier place... I had a really sucky Icon, and I uploaded a few others just incase I needed something new..

    Im so happe that its Friday. I really needed this weekend to come. I know that I should be full of engery becuase I pretty much onlywent have this week. Like all day tuesday, and half of Wednesday...and well yesterday too.. so I did go more than half.. I just cant miss anymore schooling.. daddy said so.

    Since I told mom and dad everything that was bringing me down again, I am feeling better, I still dont tell them EVERYTHING... for instance the dude that asked if I got high or smoked... They dont need to know that stuff... They know enought as it is.

    I havent had to see David at all this week. Like I said I was leaving early in the begining of the week, and yesterday and from waht I was told, he was apsent yesterday too.. I dunno if I should forgive him, and talk things out, I mean he was pretty kool to hang out with, just a really sucky person to like. And WAAYYY outta my league.. But what ever... I will go toclass and determine what happens from there.

    I didnt turn in my local Bands story.. but no one has seemed to notice, Why should I bother with it when I never get published? Its always the Seniors that do, and the Jocks and the Cheerleaders, no one wants to know anything that I have to say, and really how often to people pick up a School Newspaper off of the stand that is not littered futher down the hall anyway? Most of the time they are just used to mess up classrooms and the bathrooms.. nothing like words stuck to the floor after a paper gets wet and drys..

    well I have to go find my Sweat shirt and the other Rancid CD for Michelle, even tho she has been out for a week or so sick. Poor kid.. Hope she's ok..

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