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prep school hippie (warisover) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 18:51:00
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    Current mood:i'm ok. and yourself?
    Current music:george harrison | i'd have you anytime

    so i baby-sit right. the kid's like 8 or 9 and his dad's a single parent. mmhmm. so we're sitting there playing monopoly or something and he opens this like cabinet in the coffee table and pulls out a playboy magazine and is like 'why does my dad have this?' and i'm like 'um. iono' and he's like 'can i look at it?' and i'm like 'um no. let's put that away' it was funny. ish.

    my report card came today. 2 a's, 2 b's, 2 c's and 1 d. my gpa went down like .7 though. my mom hates me. she said she's just tired of dealing with me. so that's pretty cool.

    im me or call me or something if you want to go to the zoo this weekend.

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2003-06-10 20:28 (link)
never fucking mind. my gpa like hardly went down at all. my mother like lied.

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2003-06-10 20:59 (link)
Aww, it'll be okay. I got a bad grade in science 2 marking periods ago...because I failed 2 tests...hardy har har.
Just found your blog--that g-harri song is one of my faves. It's so sweet!!

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Re: Awww...
2003-06-11 01:07 (link)
it's one of my favorites too. gives me goosebumps.

grades are very very unimportant.

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2003-06-12 13:01 (link)
I can't see your face. But I like your bracelets. They're very cool.

I had something else to say. So pretend like I said it and that it was interesting.

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2003-06-12 18:48 (link)
i can't see my face either. so we're even.

thank you

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2003-06-12 15:49 (link)
I would like to "go to the zoo". I said I would once my dog died. And she's about to, so what the hell?

On a rather irrelevant note: two more songs.

Bright Eyes "The Center of the World"
Fog "What a Day-Day"

I wonder what an IP address is.

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2003-06-13 02:52 (link)
i wish everyone i know love could come to the zoo with me. that would only be about six people.

i like bright eyes ok. i think i've heard that one before.

an ip address is something to confuse me when mike asks me what my isp is.

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this is mike
2003-06-14 23:43 (link)

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Re: this is mike
2003-06-15 00:15 (link)
ha. that time you asked me what my isp was and i thought you meant ip so i spent like 10 minutes looking for it. and subsequently felt stupid.

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