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Lynn (wantongoddess78) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 23:48:00
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    Current mood:hyper
    Current music:Watching Grease

    My Guide for Pleasing a Girl...and Helping Us Please You
    1.) First and foremost, lose any hangups. Most of the tips below are about that.

    2.) We don't want to hear that you think pussy juice is "icky".

    3.) Don't be too pushy about blow jobs. Personally, I love em and you won't have any problem getting me on my knees. If that's all you push for though, it gets annoying.

    4.) Do take care of yourself down there. If you're super-duper hairy, you're probably going to get more musky and we're also probably going to end up flossing with your hair. Neither is a deal-breaker to me, but it's nice if things are a little trimmed & orderly.

    5.) Don't be pushy about swallowing or cumming in her mouth. Some guys don't taste that good in all honesty. What you eat has a lot to do with the taste...if you're constantly downing spicy food, you're likely to taste funky. If the girl is squeamish about cum, break her in slowly by doing some oral in the shower - that way the cum can be rinsed away quickly if so desired. If we're nice enough to go down on you and swallow, don't you dare back away from kissing us afterwards - it's your cum after all.

    6.) While I'm at it, give us a little noise or reassurance while we're blowing you. If you're silent the whole time we're probably thinking that we're not doing a good job. If we're NOT doing a good job, then some well-timed moans or gentle suggestions can be very helpful. We're not mind-readers.

    7.) The best way to get us to go down on you? Go down on us. Don't make it seem like a chore, either. The crazier you drive us, the more eager we'll be to return the favor.

    8.) Our clits are sensitive, dammit. If you go for the full on attack before we're ready it's just going to be annoying, or worse, painful. Slow down, hotrod. Warm us up a little by playing with our nipples or kissing us all over our body. Kissing the back of my neck drives me crazy.

    9.) Different girls like different touches while you're down there. Listen for her moans or breathing. Better yet, ask her what feels good. Personally, I'm not big on "flicking"...I like a constant gentle pressure with a little wigglin' & suckin'. But all girls are different.

    10.) Again, not all girls may like this, but I love having a finger (or two) inside of me while you're eating me. The G-spot does exist for most girls (and probably for all, but it takes some practice to find it and learn how to stimulate it). Put your finger in, facing you slide it in, press against the wall...when you reach a squishy raised spot, you're there. I like having mine rubbed back and forth with more pressure than I like on my clit. Kind of like wagging your finger in a "come here" motion.

    11.) Buy a "silver bullet". Now. If you don't know what it is, ask and I'll tell ya where to find one. Don't be offended or threatened by toys. Put one on her clit while you're's awesome, trust me.

    12.) Porn. Here's the deal...I love it. I'm not easily offended or threatened by the idea of my man enjoying watching it. Make it a shared activity if she's new to it. Go shopping together...hitting a nice porn shop is a great way to get a feel for what turns her on.

    13.) Above all else...communicate. Like I said, we're not mind-readers. Chances are, we want to please you, you just gotta help us. The more comfortable you make us feel, the more fun there will be to be had.

    I'm sure I'll think of more things to add. If you're a girl and have anything to share, feel free! I know we're all different.

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