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Lynn (wantongoddess78) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 01:53:00
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    Current mood:indescribable

    Stolen directly from Johnny Bluejeans, who stole from Cegikma

    1) Last cigarette: 30 Seconds Ago

    2) Last car ride: Last night - to da IGA, woohoo!

    3) Last kiss: Yesterday morning

    4) Last good cry: No such thing as a good cry.

    5) Last Library Book Checked Out: Don't remember...last book purchased was Run Catch Kiss

    6) Last movie seen: I've watched Pleasantville 10 times in the last two days, but the last new movie was Sweet Home Alabama

    7) Last Book Read: The Weight of Water

    8) Last cuss word uttered: Shit (said while trying to get a Frasier episode I downloaded to play)

    9) Last beverage drank: Blue Gatorade

    10) Last Food consumed: Fudgesicle

    11) Last Crush: a certain AR (whose head better not swell if he sees this)

    12) Last phone call: My sister

    13) Last TV show watched: Late Night with Conan O' Brien! (strangely enough, also stolen from Johnny Bluejeans)

    14) Last Item Bought: Red Bull

    15) Last time showered: This afternoon.

    16) Last shoes worn: FlipFlops

    17) Last CD played: MP3 mix of Finger Eleven, Pumpkins, Outkast, Jurassic 5, etc.

    18) Last downloaded: Last song was Son of a Preacher Man

    19) Last annoyance: My sister.

    20) Last disappointment: Too many to list.

    21) Last soda drank: Mello Yello

    22) Last thing written: My last (dirty) entry

    23) Last key used: Car keys

    24) Last word spoken: Come 'ere babydoll (spoken to da cat).

    25) Last trip to the bathroom: 10 min ago

    26) Last sleep: Few hours ago (sleep like a cat...whenever the hell I feel like it)

    27) Last IM: joshiee

    30) Last weird encounter: Running into a bunch of people who remember me from high school, but whom I've completely forgotten. Either that or the creepy guy that tried to pick me up at IGA by telling me I had "such purty hair".

    32) Last ice cream eaten: Fudgesicle (who knew I would use that twice on this thing?)

    34) Last time wanting to die: Too depressing to admit.

    35) Last time in love: He doesn't deserve the mention.

    36) Last time hugged: Saturday morning.

    37) Last time scolded: Week or so ago...see previous entries.

    38) Last time resentful: Earlier today....sister pissed me off.

    39) Last chair sat in: Um...the one keeping me from being on the floor right now - an uncomfortable one, at that.

    43) Last shirt worn: Black tank top.

    44) Last class attended: A training I did at the old job.

    45) Last Final taken: Don't remember. Probably and Education class.

    46) Last time dancing: Couple of weeks ago.

    47) Last poster looked at: Dunno. Saw some cool art down on riverstreet though.

    48) Last show attended: Les Baton Rouge (verrryyy interesting).

    49) Last webpage visited: :-)

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