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Lynn (wantongoddess78) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 00:34:00
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    Current mood:naughty
    Current music:Finger Eleven - Bones and Joints (on my Launch)

    Dirty story of my favorites writen a while back. Don't read if you're easily offended or are going to bitch at me for it. Yes, it's all true.

    I love the power that comes with giving a great blowjob. I enjoy the sensation of a dick in my mouth. I love the taste, the smell, the heat?.all of it. I like knowing that the guy beneath me is giving himself over to pleasure that I am providing. I like being the girl that a guy will fantasize about; not because I'm the most beautiful or have the best body, but because he knows I truly enjoyed every squirm, thrust, and gasp while I was going down on him.

    My first experience with giving head came (ahem) when I was 16. I was dating a guy who was a few years older than me, but thanks to porn I knew what I wanted to do to him. Holding his cock in my hand and feeling that smooth skin against my lips was heaven. I couldn't fit all of it in my mouth, but I swirled my tongue around the head while I stroked the shaft with my hands. I rested my head on his belly as he writhed beneath me. All of a sudden I felt his dick start throbbing, but he pulled me off of him before I could get my first taste of cum. I had never seen a guy cum before, though, and watched in fascination.

    Sometimes the urge to give a blowjob strikes and I'm helpless against it. A few months ago I was out shooting pool with a couple of friends and suddenly I was in the mood to suck cock. I giggled to myself about that thought, but one of my friends noticed and asked me what I was thinking about. Being the innocent freak I am, I admitted the reason for my amusement. I thought the guys would get a chuckle out of it too. Instead, they decided to shoot another game, with the winner taking my semi-drunk ass home. Tommy won and he indeed benefited from my craving. I sat him in a comfy chair and put in a dirty movie with a really hot chick for him to watch. I sat between his legs and sucked him for the entire length of the movie. It was fucking amazing. He let me tease him as long as I wanted. I spent a glorious span of time licking his balls and tickling his thighs with my hair. I licked along the underside of his shaft as I stroked him in and out of my mouth. The sounds of sex were coming from the TV right behind me, and when he grabbed my hair and shoved his cock completely inside of my mouth so he could cum down my throat, I thought I would die from the excitement.

    I love the feeling of a cock squirting cum in my mouth, but I get even more turned on when a guy cums on my tits. Once I was on my knees for my then-boyfriend, playing with my pussy as he fucked my mouth. He started to cum, spraying all over my chest. I tend to get extremely wet when excited, but this time juices were streaming down my legs. When I felt a warm drop land on a nipple, I lost it. I don't even remember what happened after that. I woke up hours later, still sticky with his cum and very happy.

    So now I must ask - why are you reading this? Better still, what are you thinking about now? Are you picturing me lying between your legs? Can you feel my breath against your skin? My mouth is barely grazing your skin as I kiss up and down your hardness. My lips slide over your cock as you watch the entire length disappear into my mouth. You feel the vibrations from my throat as I moan with happiness and you yourself groan as I cup my hands around your balls and squeeze gently. I move my mouth up and down your cock stopping only to lightly lick the very top of your head occasionally. Finally you grow impatient with me and begin to pump yourself in and out of my mouth. You clutch your fingers in my hair and fuck my mouth until you know you can't take anymore. You begin to cum and although I try to suck every last drop out, some dribbles down my face and onto my chest.

    THAT is why I love giving head.

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