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Lynn (wantongoddess78) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 00:53:00
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    Current mood:running a fever..but horny
    Current music:watching Conan

    the story of the other night...
    I tried getting this down about a gazillion times now, but Blurty was dead and I kept losing what I wrote. So here goes for all you hornballs.

    If you know me, you know my first kiss with a girl was'll call her Katie...during my freshman year of college. We were friends in high school, so when I came home for Christmas break we went out to some clubs in Savannah one night. We ended up making out on the dancefloor at one of our stops.

    Well, it's 6 years later and I've moved back to the old town. I was working my part-time job and a guy I was helping recognized me...said we had gone to high school together. I didn't really remember him, but he said he was a friend of Katie's. Still had her number and said he'd give her a call and give her mine. I got home from work to find a message waiting. We made plans to meet up at a restaurant for some drinks.

    When I got to the place we were meeting, I didn't even recognize her. I had taken a seat at a different table when I realized a girl was across from me waving. As long as I've known her, she had long, wavy blonde hair. She's cut it all off, though, and now it's short, straight, and black. She looked awesome?she's got these really cool green eyes that the new haircut really showed off.

    I haven't seen her since the night of the kiss, so I was kind of worried that things might be weird. They weren't though and once we got passed the girly gossip swap thing, the conversation turned rather quickly to sex. We had been talking about our exes when she said something about how her last boyfriend wouldn't give oral, the one before that sucked at it, and lately she's been trying to find a girl to play with to see if all the hype there is true. She told me she had fooled around a little with another girl in a threesome once, but that they hadn't gone down on each other. She said the time we had kissed was still the most in-depth experience she'd ever had with a girl. She had a chance with a chick who wanted to try the whole bi thing by being with Katie and her boyfriend at the same time, but the guy didn't want to (strangely enough, that same thing happened to me once...weird).

    That got us going off on the tangent about how adventurous some guys are. I told her about some of my explorations of late with a guy I've been seeing (btw...from hearing her stories I'm damn lucky to have found someone with so few thanks, Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are). I told her about a CD full o'porn I made for him a couple of weeks ago and how he's really cool about me using toys when we play. She said she really needed to get a good toy, but was scared of going to the store by herself. Hmmm?when have I ever turned down even the insinuation of an invite to a porn shop??? There was one very close by, so away we went.

    The place was kind of crowded...a bunch of two girls walking in together drew a few stares. We wandered around looking at man even asked us to help him pick something out for his wife. Coulda been a line, but whatever. Anyhoo?she ended up buying the same way-too-expensive-but-damn-it's-worth-it vibrator I bought a few months back. When we came out of the store there was a wreck right at the intersection we needed to go through to get my car and things were kind of backed up. We decided to just go back to her place for a while then go pick up my car later.

    We stopped at a store to buy some beer and batteries, but when we got to her apartment we just hung out for a while, watching a tape of our graduation she had and just talking some more. A couple of hours later we had gotten ourselves pretty drunk and she suddenly decided that she wanted to see the vibrator's power (hers is now named Big Red...mine is Big Blue....creative, aren't we?). After a major fight with all the damn plastic cases for the toy and the batteries, we finally had it buzzing (drunk girls and sharp objects = not good combination, btw...poor girl sliced a finger). Katie made a comment that she was kind of worried about it's power, so I told her she was a wuss and if she couldn't handle it she should have bought the $7 lipstick vibe. Like me, she apparently doesn't like any sort of a challenge and said something like "Bitch, I'd take this all right now but I wouldn't want to offend you." I came back with a comment about me not being the one who's never done a girl or that toy. At the same time, she was trying to figure out some of the different controls on Red, so I showed her how to operate it. She laughed and said if I was a true friend I would show her how to use the toy. I told her I would if she wanted to, so she stood up, handed me the toy, and took off her jeans and panties.

    She was sitting next to me, but swung one leg over my head so I was between her legs. She has a really nice's completely shaved and was soaking wet. I fingered her for a second before sliding the shaft of the toy in (btw...a pic of the toy can be found here so you know what I'm talking about). I turned the rotating balls up on high...she whispered "Oh my God" and just completely sunk into the couch. I eased it in and out of her?watching her the whole time. Her eyes were closed, mouth open, and after a minute she started running her hands up and down her chest. She asked me if I minded her taking her shirt off?I told her of course not. When she raised up to pull it off she also leaned forward to kiss me. I helped her with her shirt, using the chance to also feel her tits and suck on her nipples for a second.

    She lay back down, asking me to turn on the toy's clit vibrator. I put it on low, but she nearly jumped off the couch. It's got little rabbit ears that slide around the clit, but the vibration is really strong. I couldn't really take it when I first got the toy either. She asked me to turn it back off..but cursed cause she said she had never been able to cum without some kind of clitoral stimulation. I wasn't going to leave a friend hanging, so I held the ears back and leaned in to lick her clit for her. I love the taste of girls and haven't gotten any in months...ugggh..I was so happy then. She yelped a little, but arched her hips up, giving me a great angle. She pinched on her nipples as I licked and sucked her clit, but not for long...she came really really quickly...and really hard.

    She laid there on the couch for a second, then sat up, pushed me back and said she wanted to repay the favor. She pushed my skirt up (you know I never wear underwear) and admired my piercing for a second...asking me about when I got it done, if I liked it, etc. She turned the toy on and slid it inside of me. I guess since I'm used to it, she pushed it all the way in and cranked it up to full power. I was leaned against the armrest in a mostly upright position, so she leaned forward to kiss me as she pulled on the toy a little...just barely pumping it in and out of me. I didn't last long either....not with this beautiful girl kissing me, my hands pinching her nipples (which she seemed to really like), that thing buzzing away in and on me.

    After I came we smoked a couple of cigarettes, catching our breath. I teased her a little because the nipple pinching had left her tits matching the color of the toy. She laughed, but said that the little pain from that made her cum so much harder. I told her she should get some nipple clamps, so she went into her bedroom to get on her laptop and order some. We looked at a lot of toys, then we drifted onto some porn sites. I showed her my favorite ( and we both go kind of worked up again. We were laying on the bed and as we watched a video of an interacial orgy (apparently one of her favorite fetishes), our hands drifted until we were fingering each other. We did that for a little while, then she told me to keep watching because she wanted to go down on me. She hadn't done it before and started off a little tentatively...I could barely feel her at first, but then she got really into it and kind of went crazy on me. She was sucking on my clit, fucking me with her fingers...I was going nuts. Then the next clip for the vid we were watching came on and it showed a couple of girls in a 69...I wasn't going to resist that little hint from fate, so I told her to swing around and get on top of me. We ate each other out...I don't know for how long, but I came two more times, and she did at least that many times.

    We finally exhausted ourselves and after a little kissing and giggling, we got dressed and she took me back to my car. I have no idea if we'll get together again...but I'll keep ya posted.

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Wow !
2003-09-11 08:32 (link)
That was some post ! I stumbled across your journal by accident, but I'm glad I stayed to read. You write pretty well, this is not the average porn post one finds in most sex-related journals.

I'm adding you to my friends list, would like to read more about you and your life. Trust thats ok.

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Re: Wow !
2004-01-06 13:32 (link)
OH MY!!! I am soo jealous! ANd happy for you all at the same time...if you read my post about New Year's Eve you'll understand why.....please call her and have LOTS MORE FUN for me willya?

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