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wannabe87 (wannabe87) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 08:45:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Alright, to be more spacific about yesterday. Basically put, I came to the party to celebrate with Gen and enjoy myself. "Leave your shit at the door" That's the first thing I do each time Im going to hang out with anyone - so no big deal. Unless shit gets started in the door. Aka - accident, my fault. That being done, I walked off so the party stays good and unessissary words and fights break out. Yet they do, Dave's attacking Jon - classic, and Fritz - well, we need to talk...and I didn't do that too well. Gen, she deserves to be upset really and hate us all. I'm sorry for bitching so much, I did break the rule. I hope things got better though. At least Get better. She deserves a lot better than what she got. After my break down and going insane after I left - I was basically kidnapped. By a Jon, Bex, and a Joe. Jon...we're getting closer as friends - and he is a great friend. He does a lot and takes nothing for it. He's great, I can deffinatly see why Gen is happy to be friends with him again. And for the record. Before we even left, the first thing Jon said was "we need to stop at Gen's sometime - I said I would instally some speakers." Although as it looks, he didn't get around to it, sorry Gen. Bex talking to me, Gen talked to me, Jon hugged me and did hold me for a bit till I stoped crying, Jie and I flirted, Bex and I flirted, Jon bit my neck right where I like it - and adding everything just done and said. The evening - went pretty damn well...I cheered up, I needed all that. Everyone helped. Thanks. Im ususally not this way - no I do not have my peirod, and I do not expierence pms so I don't know what's going on. Actually I do, my maturity has fallen to my age finally. Which suxs big time, cause I used to be able to handle being treated like this - and right now I can't. Today, unless I really get bored Im thinking of staying in - and knowing my friends - minus wensday - they will all be at summerfest. Although, I really need to talk to Fritz. So I guess on my bike - it's stop at random people's houses time and hope they aren't gone. Maybe I'll go over and eat lunch with Wolfie again. That would be nice. People have proved to be very good friends, I guess my mind set was off in a different direction. I thought I was baggage to you guys, and if I am - just let me think Im not for a couple more dayz please...Thanks. Thank You for Everything. I Love You.


    Does race influence what music you will listen to?

    I want....someone.

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2003-07-01 10:21 (link)
tis ok that he did it the next day...he knew i didnt want a group of ppl at my house. i love you all dearly but i cant handle more than 1 or MAYBE 2 people at a time

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2003-07-02 01:14 (link)
Sam.... I am extra baggage... tossed to the side when not needed or dont make myself heard. I HATE IT... i order to not be ignored i have to be loud and happy. i cant take it.. i wish someone would understand that because they all think "oh shes in a bad mood lets leave her alone". now thats what puts me in a bad mood. I NEVER EVER EVER will do drama with Clark other than stage crew... not after today. she pissed me off and so did everyone execpt Brandon Campbell and sadly Lauren Tracz. Becca (Fronczak) went an hung all over Andy because Christina wasnt there. I WILL NOT BE IGNORED BY MY BEST FRIEND AND THE GUY I LIKE.... if i would have come over there it would be her laughing, high pitched and fakey (you know the whole trying to be flirty laugh), and me sitting there thinking, i'd be better off in the corner over there. So i went to the corner and not have to go through the pain of being directly ignored, eventhough it still hurts. and whenever i try and explain shit like this to her she blows it off like its nothing. I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! HELP! well, thanks for reading this... i need a hug before i burst into tears... maybe i can talk to Sam Simonson or dear old Dan (he said you came over today) Hey, gimme a call if you get a chance i'd like to vent and ur good at listening. i'll swap sob story for sob story... -Kory

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