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Big AL (walkonwater) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 08:11:00
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    Current mood: hot
    Current music:One Slowdance - Rufio

    Life is so much easier when you don't try..
    ..but then you get no where.

    Hola amigos and mamasitas.. (ahem.. MO) - I'm home from cheer camp. I think it's definately safe to say that I had a much better time than last year. That was the dark ages with the wrath of Addington. Let's see - we won Top Team, Most Spirited Squad and I got a hot looking one-strap backpack that I desperately needed for NYC. I AM THOUROUGHLY ANTISIPATING THIS MIGHTY AWESOME EVENT.

    Anyway, if ya'll haven't noticed, it's early. 8:18 AM early. And as you read this you wonder, "This girl is retarded". (please keep your comments to yourself.) Elizabeth and I had Driver's Ed this morning from 6-8 driving with an instructor. Yes.. I know.. I'm going back to sleep today.

    And now it is time for my inner thoughts. I dislike gossip. I don't enjoy rumors. But I do love GOD. So why don't we stick with the important stuff.. hmm? OKay great. Now - I would go and call someone real cool to see how they are.. but it's very early. Wow, I'm an idiot. (once again, please keep your comments to yourself.) I'll go sleep or eat. It's all I do anyway.

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Yahoo for people with party hats.
2003-07-02 10:42 (link)
IDIOT!!RETARD!!!! ~gossip gossip~ ~rumor rumor~. Im sorry had to get that outta my way. well my sexy sexy al. glad u got a blurty and u are a liar. but that can come later. hope yall had tons of fun at d.e. im gonna be gone from 12 30-5 30. today so ya know. boring boring babysitting. oh well. um ill call ya when ever i can so we can we need to do something as a group soon. im bored outta my mind. i might be going crazy.
love ya sexy al

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