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Big AL (walkonwater) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 18:01:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:"Try Honestly" - Billy Talent

    chapstick and chapped lips..
    ..and things like photography.

    Just came home from my piano lesson. Now, I'm waiting for dinner.. yum yum. Afterwards, it's church time. I kinda want to stay out tonight because we have no school tomorrow.. but what is there to do? I'll probably end up going to Applebee's or something; who knows?

    School was pretty cool today. In cheerleading, we stunted a lot and I always love that. OH YEAH - the sophomore squad wasn't allowed to go to the away game today..dern it. English was awesome. Psychology was tight -I might go on a JFK trip to Dallas!. Math was fly.. Call me crazy but I love that class.. Geography was alright. Chemistry was sweet. Spanish was as usual. Honestly, I'd have to admit that I love it at South and I'm fine being a sophomore. I'm content in the place God has put me right now. However, if the people in my life changed around a little bit, I'd be much happier.. but probably living for tomorrow instead of living for the moment.

    Interesting self-discoveries: I have found that I really REALLY love music. I mean, I knew that before, but now it's more of a passion. I love photography. I'm starting to enjoy drawing.. random? Who would have thought that Alison Ward could draw.. well.. I'm getting there. Also - I don't need the future now.

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2003-10-31 16:54 (link)
I love you too...lovah

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