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walkaways (walkaways) wrote,
@ 2002-12-01 12:57:00
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    "I gotta rush away," she said,
    "I been to Boston before.
    and anyways
    this change I been feeling
    doesn't make the rain fall"

    No big differences these days
    just the same old walkaways
    and someday
    i'm gonna stay
    but not today

    i want to rush away. i want to jump on a train and follow the map that adam duritz has painted through his words . . . New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Hollywood, California, Boston . . . i want to go and be free to be pulled. by wind. by the smell of the ocean.
    i miss the ocean. what few times that I have seen it . . . i miss smashing into waves and forgetting everything except the taste in my mouth, the bitter salt stinging my eyes. i miss being purely myself in those moments, not weighed by expectations and decisions and unfinished everythings.
    i want to say the words of that song to everyone, sing them outloud, and just go go go away from everything that's turning me into someone i am not.
    i'm tired.
    i'm scared.
    and someday
    i'm gonna stay
    but not today

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