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y0u're. a .t0uch. 0verrated... (w0rstintentions) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 17:18:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:-sublime- what i got

    life sux
    umm wel vacation was awesum the first place i stayed at had a sk8 park what a cawinkedink lol i met a few hot kids and an awesum girl cassidy we have like everything in common lol wen i got back it was a lil hard for me everyon was being mean the only one not being mean was like rob and brandy lol but umm hmmmm ryan and i had sum trouble then we were okay then we had trouble gain and now idk whats going oon lol guys suck !!!!!!!ya know what i mean lol ahahah well i am hungry im waiting for dinner lol and im waiting for tom from va to come back he is at the sk8 park there scince he lives there and he will be back at like 8 or sumthing well i cant wait till skewl summer is awesum and all but i miss everyone and hoppelly ill have a good year im getting my hair did tomrrow morning and i cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be perrtyyy any way ill try my best to look diff form what i do now lol anyway ill write again l8erz -kisses- byez

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