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w00t w00t (vvw00tvv) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 18:12:00
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    Current mood: refreshed
    Current music:Du Hast- Rammstein

    Wow today was lame as usual, teachers gay, friends fagots, parents, well haven't dealt with them yet so everythings cool with them. W00T. Wow I cant believe I had waited this long to start to listen to Rammstein, they are by far the best metal band I have ever heard, the fact that they are in German is cool too!

    Geadelt ist wer Schmerzen kennt
    Vom Feuer das in Lust verbrennt
    Ein Funkenstoß in ihren Schoß
    Mein heißer Schrei
    Feuer frei!

    W00T- I can sing that can you.. :D There music brings you to a whole new level, its so deep!

    Wow my teachers an idiot in lunch these fagots made a mess all over the floor and at the end of lunch she made me, even though (I didn't do nothing) stay after to clean all the shit up. godamn, fuck her!

    Damn, Nick wanted me to go play hockey down the street at this swamp but no my sister was home and of course gotta be with her because god forbid she cant do something or another.

    Well off to do homework, dont forget that "Jesus Loves You, But I think your a cunt"

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2004-02-10 20:07 (link)
whee...*hugs you* gives u a spoon;)

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