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w00t w00t (vvw00tvv) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 02:25:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:AFI-Silver and Cold

    Wow isn't this fun. This is what you do when your extremely bored and you have nothing better to do at 2:30 in the morning but hey, everyone else has got them. :) Hmm. Lets see, what happened today that I could possibly tell you about. Well not a lot so I will tell you the whole day.

    -Around 11:30 my neighbor (Nick) calls me, I was sleeping at the time so my sister woke me up. Told me to come over and we would ride his snowmobile. Got dressed went over there, rode around. It was madd fun, snow sucked though, like fuckin slush. :(

    -Hour or so later came back home, my mom came back they went out for a little and I was home alone, I played a combination of Ps2 and Counter strike 'till about 4:30 when Nick came back and we hung out for a little bit, we rode bikes then went home.

    -Parents came home, told me to do stuff for them which I have yet to do but, "hey thats me". So then I just kept on playing Counter Strike.

    -My Little cousins arrived and I didn't even know they were coming but they did and of course they annoyed me, so I decided to keep on playing Counter Strike, Mike was being a fag though and he kept kicking me from the server, and then he llama'd me.(Its when you (as admin) put a tag on a person playing and it doesn't allow that person to talk) So after a while he took it off and so on. Ate Piza for dinner, what else.

    -Decided to go downstairs and lift a few weights, dont want to lift too much cause then I will get strained, so I do a little bit each day and it seems to be working ;)

    -So then I kept playing Counter Strike, and my other Uncle arrived and picked up my grandfather and they left, didn't even have to say 'Hello' thankgod.

    -I was playing Counter Strike when I rudly got interrupted by my Aunt when she called me downstairs to give "kisses" to everyone since they were leaving. I leaped down the stairs grabbed the children pecked at there little faces so helplessly, ran through the living room doors, kissed my uncle, then Aunt. And ran back upstairs.

    -Played Counter Strike for longer, then I played a little Ps2. We were having so much fuckin fun in the server it was Me, Josue, and Steve. We were team killing like mofos, we would throw nades (grenades) at eachother and kill ourselves but thats enough of that.

    -So I continued to Play Counter Strike. Then Me and Steve being the cool guys that we are decided to go into our server (Suck My Grits 1.5) And we had some fun. But then my computer fucked up in the middle of the game and I had to restart. Godam.. Still pissed off from that.

    -So now I am here writing this, and wondering why I took 10 minutes to recap my day for people that I dont even know, or people that it doesn't really matter to. Consider yourself lucky, fagot.

    --O, and I know I shouldn't be saying this but I find myself liking Erin again :( <3--


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