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dennis (volcomgodfather) wrote,
@ 2006-01-14 13:05:00
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    i forgot the password for this thing.

    anyways. i've been going to sleep at like 3 am every day and just sleeping in.
    this break has really made me not want to go back to classes.
    especially after seeing my grades and gettin straight C's
    sure, it's much better then high school but i was expecting much better than that. i did work. i don't even remember getting a C on any quiz or test. fucking lame.
    i think i'm living with pellet at wentworth for a week just because he starts a week before me and suggested me stay at his dorm. i'm for that.
    i've been having a lot of conversations with myself and just typing on my typewriter.
    it sucks, i was relying on tons and tons of snow to finish my story. and we've only gotten one really bad snow fall. i need a blizzard or 4.
    i made a list of CD's and records i want. then searched them on amazon, newbury comics, borders, fye, and ebay. i'm pretty mad at myself for liking music thats so hard to find. well i did find Hot Cross, Hot Water Music, The Album Leaf, Pink and Brown, Black Dice, and Jerome's Dream. but thats pretty much it for things available in stores. i found a lot of other LP's and EP's, Split 7" and what not on e-bay from all the other bands. need to get on that.
    what else have i been up to?
    i've been booking a lot of shows and setting a lot of things up. which i guess is pretty groovy. just kind of gets hectic doing it all by myself, but the guys from feels like july and beckwith help me out a ton.
    tonight i'm seeing all the guys from shop again. we had a "poker night" last week and i went in a full out suit, down to the shoes, and brought my new tobacco pipe that goodick got for me.
    oh yeah christmas:
    typewriter from Briana
    a shit load of cd's drom Reid
    an awesome pipe and the best tobacco around from Goodick
    lots of clothes and Scrabble from my Mom
    a book from Tim, but apparently my real present i won't get until like february or something. him and goodick are saving up for it. which scares me. because they both make like 400 or 600 dollars a week. and if they need to SAVE UP for my present..........yeah i'm scared.
    what else did i get, a lot of money from the family. which i spent on music and clothes.
    oh yeah i got a cd wallet from Carl.

    i know that there's more but i'm forgetting. needless to say Christmas was awesome. that whole week andrews parents were gone and i practically lived at his house. that was awesome.

    i was gonna keep typing and say what i've been feeling and doing lately
    but then i realized NOBODY reads this, so whats the point.
    i'd delete everything i just wrote but it's cool to go back and see what i was up to.


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