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dennis (volcomgodfather) wrote,
@ 2005-05-22 23:44:00
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    my life as we know it.........updated

    ok so it's actually over.........everything is done with. high school is no more. AMAZING. ok prom was sooooooo much fun, me in my purple almost willy wonkaish tuxedo. prom was a blast, ok. but the last couple days of school were the most amazing. i still can't believe i got signed out of all my classes, i guess i just barely made the passing mark in english and math. ok english..........Mr.Savage, cool guy, horrible teacher, asssigns waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too mcuh work and expects too much, i guess it's because it was his first year in SSVT but it was terrible, way too much work way too little time and his grading methods were ridiculous. math...........Mrs.Thibodeau.......worst class ever, freshman year there was no problem, her class was fun, i dunno what happened but senior year she was the absolute worst teacher i have ever had. i loved just not learning god damn thing even when i did pay attention, thats why i stopped listening because when i did, i didn't learn anything, i actually got dumber. but i'm out of that class, thank god. i hate her.
    so whats in the future;
    well my original plans of going to Bay State College right away were shot to hell by a reality check from my mom. she basically said there was no way i can afford it without paying off loans for a few years. so she talked me into hopping on to the massasoit wagon. which i dont really have a problem with, it's down the street, good skating spots, i already know a bunch of my friends are going there, i can take classes i would be taking at BSC but for cheaper so when i do go me credits will be carried over and all that junk. i'm happy i dont have to sell oscar. so i have a camera phone now, it's sweet. i've just been playing baseball, partying, and buying cd's lately. it's a good time though. umm yeah i'm done with this post i think...........yup.

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