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Katya Diamant (voiceinthepiano) wrote,
@ 2003-08-08 18:01:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:VNV NATION - Electronaut

    I’ve been neglecting this thing! I’ve been so worn out. Although Office Depot hired me at part time they’re giving me full time hours (which I’ve gone overtime about five hours this week and I still work Saturday) yet, I get no benefits. They put me in the Copy and Print center with about four days of training and haven’t taught me half the things customers ask for and left me completely alone. It gets so stressing and overwhelming sometimes because people can be so irate and impatient. If I don’t know the answer, I tell them either “we don’t do that.” Or “I have no clue, try asking that person.” It’s been SO hectic this week because of back to school, the go backs are tremendous and it looks like a typhoon hit the pen/pencil isle!

    I have to walk home every night around 11:30, and the cashier, Eric has been walking with me. He goes completely out of his way just to walk me home. He’s sweet, but he sort of makes me uneasy. He has a girlfriend, so that’s very much a part of it. Although I am in a relationship as well, I’m not the one pursuing, and I do feel safer with someone with me that late at night. He’s moving to South Tampa in about a week, so there isn’t much to worry about, I think I got it across to him that I’m in a relationship and not interested.

    July 29th was my boyfriends 21st birthday! Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a party, and ever since my friend’s going away party, I haven’t had much of a taste for alcohol. I took a few lemon shots, but I didn’t get anywhere near wasted.

    August 5th was my twin sister’s boyfriend’s 21st birthday. My parents took a detour and picked me up on the way out to her house and we all ate out at Olive Garden. It was nice seeing my family again and I surprisingly got along with my older sister’s boyfriend. We’re almost always at each other’s throats with offensive comments.

    I amazingly found time to create two new drawings. One is a self-portrait and the other is Anna-Varney, once again:



    A guy who makes chainmail in his freetime contacted me about creating a chainmail outfit for me, as long as I take some photographs for his portfolio. The photographs didn't come out so well, but the outfit is beautiful. Here are a few shots:


    I think that is about all for now, my life hasn’t been particularly stimulating lately. Just working.

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2003-08-10 22:43 (link)
that must be you in those potos
you are quite gorgeous

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2003-08-13 14:04 (link)
Thank you! *bashful* I think the outfit compliments me a little more than I deserve, haha.

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