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Stasy Elaine (violet_daisy) wrote,
@ 2004-03-19 07:03:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:Birds chirping outside....

    *** I feel very sorry for some of the Christians out there, and I wish that they realized how life worked, and that you cannot "live by Christain morals" if you don't live by the the rule that you should treat others as you, yourself, would like to be treated. I think this was the one most IMPORTANT guideline that Jesus wanted people to live by. He did not want us all to sit by the fire at night and pray for exactly 3 hours on our knees under a cross, and He also didn't want people to go sit and read the ENTIRE bible in order to get into heaven. It's not like when you die, there's going to be god, sitting up there with a fucking stop-watch and says, "Alright, you have 10 seconds to tell me the 4th verse of the 5th chapter of Psalms, or else you are going to Hell." Ha ha... Life isn't about getting it wrong or right.... It's about experience, and most of all LEARNING from experience.... We need to learn compassion, pride, anger, hate, frustration, joy, pleasure, and patience.... But we cannot do this by REPRESSING our thoughts and feelings and staying "brand new" and clean in a little box. I mean, if a little child has a favorite toy, they are not going to love it because it looks beautiful in the box, they are going to want to take it OUT of the box and hug it and play with it, and take it EVERYWHERE with the child. So the toy gets a little dirty, but it is still his favorite toy, because of the emotional connection between them. It isn't the worth of the toy in the end, or how clean and shiny it is when the child gets done with it, it is the USE and ENJOYMENT that the child got out of it. And also, I think a HUGE majority of people that "claim" to be Christain and have this deep desire to do good, just put on this facade in front of people to look "righteous". It dosn't matter how you act in front of your friends and family, if you really are a Christian, God isn't gonna judge you by what your friends think of you, he's gonna judge you by what you are IN YOUR HEART...... I mean, for example, I had this one guy in a class this semester, no names mentioned, and he sat right next to me, and always talked, so he was CONSTANTLY telling everyone "you gotta live by the Bible, You gotta memorize the verses, You gotta make sacrafices, go to church, Bible study....Blah blah blah..." Well, anyhow, he was all high and mighty about himself being "Righteous," but when it came down to it, I was disgusted by him... He would sit there and comment on how if he ever went into a restauraunt, he would ONLY tip the hot waitresses,and he would ONLY talk to pretty girls, not any "of the nasty ugly ones," cuz he wasn't going to spend his money on "ugly" girls........................(Ahem, I don't think that the poor girl who DOSN'T look as the pretty one is not going to notice how this is happenning...) And wouldn't it be Christian of him to BRING IN THE LESSER FORTUNATE, and HELP them!!?? Now, do I have to say more about the contradidction?? And he would do this ALL the time... he would judge EVERYBODY by their looks, and their money, and then turn around and judge people for what they were, and what they did, like he was so much better. Oh, and isn't it GOD, to all of you who think the Bible is so perfect, that said NOT to judge others, because only God, HIMSELF, can do so in heaven???... And at 18, I have come to this conclusion, that alot of people around me just don't know who they are, and are scared shitless of what might happen to them, and so they live the rest of their life like a fucking selfish COWARD, trying to find an easy way out of everything, and wanting to get into heaven when they die... Some of them spend more time thinking about death than they do about living.... That makes no sense.

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your right
2004-03-19 08:49 (link)
i myself am a christian. i belive in God as my savior. but when you look at me you want see that..i smoke i have a tatto i have 4 pericings. and i hardly read the bible.. but like you said about the boy and his fav toy. it says in the bible that we all fall short of the glory of God and yes we shouldnt let that be our loop hole to i can do anything i want. but your right we shouldt be like a china doll on a shelf looking pretty and perfect..becasue what is in the inside and in your heart will be whats judged. you see i know im not perfect no one is Jesus was the only one who whas perfect. i can only do my best to represent God on high you know. we all should take off our maskes and relize that were gunna mess up so get over it God has allready forgiven you. all we can do is our best to love God and worship me itns not a religion its a relationship i mean yeah its hard to be good great and awsome all the time so its come to the point with me that i have relized i have enuff faith to respect everyons belifes and ways of living. and when he sets up there and we are to be judged its only him who can do it...ill admit iv judged ppl and im sure i still do in some ways and what not but yet how can we not we are still a worldy staind Christian but iv been saved by the grace of God......its not what everyone in the world sees its what God sees!!

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Re: your right
2004-03-19 10:26 (link)
Thank you.

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Re: your right
2004-03-20 11:51 (link)
well you are welcome. so how are things going for you to day? well even though you havent asked im ok i played hackie sack at work today that was fun came home and had a few biggie well any was if i could add youto friends i would but im stupid enuff not to remeber how

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