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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-09-15 09:47:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:MC Chris - White Kids Love Hip Hop

    .:. The Ant Was Giving the Bee a Piggy Back Ride! .:. where to begin, it's been like eight years since I updated, well school started, and it's okay I guess. I like most of my classes, and I don't have 2 hours between classes anymore so that's cool, and I think the best part is that Trina and Brian are in my public speaking class so it should be fun, and Phil's in it too, so it should be fun, and the teacher is cool so that's even funner. Karate is much cooler this semister because we are actually doing more than Saisan Kata, which I hate now, we started our 3rd kata, because we're going out of order because that's what she said to do, then we are gonna get taught different styles like Iado, and Kung Fu, I'm so pumped I can't wait. When the lady who teaches Iado comes in I get to bring my sword in and she's gonna teach me some I'm pumped. Then forensics is cool we get to watch a video of an autopys being done, but I've already seen it but that's okay, I know what to expect so I think im gonna eat some pop tarts when we watch it. Since I started school again I've become quite the ping pong player, I can whoop Brian from boces's ass and then when he's done gettin his ass whipped in that we take the ping pong ball and go and play fooseball which is so funny because the ball doesn't stay on the table because it's too light. I'm still workin at the Rod, it sucks because I'm workin like 35 hours a week and only bringing home like 100 bucks, it's gay as hell, but Thursdays are and Chris always fight, but only when him and Mitch try to put me in the garbage, either the garbage by the dishwashers or the dumpster, but it's alot of fun, and on Mondays when I stay with Amanda we make milkshakes, but now it's a little tougher because I think they lost the top so it goes everywhere and Mitch doesn't really learn from his mistakes, but it's pretty funny. Guess what I'm getting for a late Christmas prestent! I get to get my tonsils out!! yaay!! I can't wait! no..not's gonna suck. But the good thing is I won't get strep throat everyother week of my life, so I guess that's a plus. Things with the boyfriend are just dandy, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in august, and he bought me my sword that the lady is gonna teach me stuff with, and junk so yeah I'm just kinda rambling on and on now, so im gonna go to class now.

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