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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-07-26 14:16:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:Snow - Informer

    .:. 'Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me stab someone down the lane .:.
    This weekend was crazy..but not good crazy. Thursday Cristina came over and we watched movies and ate chinese food, it was fun, towards the end of Big Fish Brian came over, after Big Fish, Shawn came to get Cristina and then me and Brian watched Forrest Gump. He went home around like two-ish then I went to bed and I thought everything was fine and dandy, well boy was I wrong. Brian's aunt Trish, uncle Gary and his three cousins came home on Thursday and he went to Kung Fu and then to the air port to get them, with his mommy, and then they got pizza from somewhere by the air port, they ate and spent family time together and then he came over, well he kept on saying how his belly kinda hurt, like it was indigestion, so after we watched Forrest Gump he went home and then he showerd and stuff and his belly kept on hurting, like he had cramps and then he started puking and couldn't really walk cuz his belly hurt so bad, so his mommy took him to the hospital, and they found out that he had to have his appendix out, so they couldn't do anything till they got his asrythimia under control and then like twlelve hours later they took him in to surgery and took it out, they found out that it was enlongated, and the end of it was dead and starting to wrap around his instestines, so that's cool. And the whole time this is goin on I'm at work waiting for him to call, and then his mom calls and tells me that he's in the hospital so I was worried and junk at work so that wasn't fun, thank god that it wasn't super crazy busy and there weren't too many assholes that came in. But by the time I got outta work it was like 11:30 and I wasn't gonna call his gramma's and find out how he was because everyone was probally still sleepin. So before I went to work I called his mom and he was sleepin so I talked to him when he got home and I went and visited with him for a few minutes and I brought him a gallon of Hawaiian Punch, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coloring book, crayons, markers and and balloon that says "some people will do anything for attention...get well soon" he thought it was cute. Then we went to Mark's and went swimmin for the last time because he's commin home from "college" on Wednesday then we came home and I talked to Brian for a while then I went to Timmy Ho's with Jenny and Kenny and got this nasty ass chocolate danish thing then Kenny wanted to fight so I whooped his ass in the living room, it felt good to be in a fight, i needed to beat the shit outta somthin. Then Sunday I did a bunch of relaxin and layin around and Jen and Kenny made Brian get well cards with ads from a magazine and noodles it was cute he laughed, but while I was there yesterday it seemed like he didn't want me there...but he was the one who invited me over...ohh well. But today I gotta work and tomorrow too so that should be fun, then Thursday Brian's getting his stitches out and then he'll be close to bein all better so that's good...but I gotta go and shower and junk before work

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2004-07-27 20:39 (link)
Thats suck. appendix must hurt like a bitch, hey i noticed you like evancesence alot, you should get to know shes an evancesence freak. but her comps broke so it would be a long time for her to update.


Au Revoir!

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Re: yo.
2004-07-29 12:37 (link)
yeah...he's not a happy camper...but he's getting his stitches out today so maybe he won't whine as

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