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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-06-01 14:16:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:Evanescence - October

    .:. Memories .:.

    Froggs07: hey

    xNnYxCruciFiedx: sup, lovely
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: hgow've you been?
    Froggs07: i've been pretty
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: same old...sloppy mess and loving it
    Froggs07: sounds fun
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: so what's up, homeslice?
    Froggs07: whatcha up to?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I just went to the flea market this weekend
    Froggs07: whatcha get?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: got two new weapons, three Cds, three DVD's, mario boxers, a ring, a book, a super nintendo game, a cellphone lighter, a piece of finger armor, three pounds of cherries
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: and I only went with a hundred bucks
    Froggs07: what are you gonna do with 3 pounds of cherries?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: eat them
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: cherries are yummy
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: me and becca already ate them
    Froggs07: wow...thats alotta cherries
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: not especially, when you think that cherries are relatively heavy alone, and that the pit counts for a good part of the mass of the cherry
    Froggs07: what sorta fun weapons did you get?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: oh, one is this amazing solid steel tribal blade
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: It's hard to describe, so think batman's head, but squoosed in and sharper
    Froggs07: lol..sounds fun
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's very pretty and nice to handle
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: the other thing I got was a small ornamental sword
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: nice handle, carved blade. I don't want to play with that one, so I put it on te plaque
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I just need to hang it
    Froggs07: ohh
    Froggs07: i think im gonna get a japanese sword
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: nice any ideas of what kind?
    Froggs07: not gonna be starting isshin ryu over the summer and im gonna do stuff with those kinda swords and see what kind i like
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: ah, good show kenshin
    Froggs07: huh?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: rurouni kenshin practices issin-ryu
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: isshin*
    Froggs07: ohhh
    Froggs07: the best part is that i get to go to castanza's for free
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: how come?
    Froggs07: because i took it at school from the lady who owns it, so i get to go there for free till next semister starts, then after im done with that, i get to go there for free until i graduate
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: good show
    Froggs07: im excited
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: maybe then you can battle me for real
    Froggs07: i could do that before i started taking it
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: yes, but I mean now you might have a slight chance of winning
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: mwahaha
    Froggs07: i always had a good chance at winning
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: but I am super ninja extrodinaire...and you're old
    Froggs07: no you're not...and im not as old as i used to be
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: how are you better?
    Froggs07: yeah...from running again and doin the whole karate thing, it's strengthened the muscles around my back
    Froggs07: and it's supporting my bulging disks
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: good have support now
    Froggs07: yep
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: and I'm slowly crippling because I haven't had a decent massage since we used to hang out
    Froggs07:'ll be easier to defeat then

    Froggs07: jenn doesn't hook you up?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: definitely not because crippled or not I am still an immortal super ninja
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: she's not good at it, but Becca said she'll do it
    Froggs07: well at least you still have some people to do it for ya
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: yeppers...still surrounded by the lovelies as always
    Froggs07: its good to see nothings changed
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: oh a lot has changed...just not that
    Froggs07: well i ment your lovelie situation
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: yes'm...same as always, bunch of lovelies no girlfriend
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: very familiar
    Froggs07: yep
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I picture the same thing happening, but now that I'm emotionally dead to the world, it'll be more amusing than devastating
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: so that's where the immortal comes in
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I'm not sure where the ninja comes from...I think I got that at a mexican restaurant
    Froggs07: why does that make you immortal?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: side effects of a bad burrito
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: because if I live dead, I cannot die
    Froggs07: shure you can

    xNnYxCruciFiedx: sure I'm not truly alive, but if I can't feel pain and can't be hurt, I can't die
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: hey, beautiful, I'm just sitting here witing for someone to come prove me wrong
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: waiting*
    Froggs07: i find it hard to belive that you are completely emotion-less
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's not that I'm emotionless
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's that I don't let them exist. I bottle them all deep inside and I'm sure I'll explode eventually, but right now I have a kind of waste disposal unit
    Froggs07: then what is it, because "emotionally dead" and emotion-less seem the same to me
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: not the same
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: emotionally dead is walking around like a plastic figurine...smiling when necessary, acting mad when necessary, acting unhappy when necessary...
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: right now my emotions are limited to amused, bored, and pissed off
    Froggs07: ohh...that sounds real fun
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's just kind of developed into a reflex now
    Froggs07: why do you want to be like that though?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I'd talk about the waste disposal unit, but you wouldn't really understand...noone seems's hard to explain
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: because 97 percent of what I bottle inside is pain, misery, bitterness, hurt, anger, rage....
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: why would I feel all of that just for the three percent of joy and happiness?
    Froggs07: why don't you change what makes you feel that way, so that you can be happy?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's not something that makes me feel that way, it's just the human condition
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: how often do you feel truly happy?
    Froggs07: then why do you have more of this "human condition" than most people?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: because I'm a chaos magnet...I pretty much attract all of the negative emotions of other people into me, in effect, cheering them up and not feeling a thing myself
    Froggs07: why don't you go to them so that they can cheer you up?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: no, you're missing something...I'm not sure what. See, there's not much cheering up to do, since I'm not miserable
    Froggs07: ohh
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: not feeling is such an easier way to be
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: nothing to worry about and there's no pain
    Froggs07: if you say so
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: eh, you don't understand. and as much as I wish I could be alive sometimes, this is the life I've chosen and I'm stuck
    Froggs07: but you could always choose to be alive againg
    Froggs07: again*
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: no, I definitely can''s not a conscious decision I can make.
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's just the way my brain works
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: the only time I come alive is again is at times of overwhelming physical or mental pain
    Froggs07: well when we fight i'll make you come alive
    Froggs07: lol
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: lets hope not
    Froggs07: why not?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: because when I come alive, it's not really's all the hate and bitterness and pain...all rushing to come out of the bottle at the same time...
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: it's not a pretty site and it scares me
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: sight*
    Froggs07: ohh
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: yaay speechless. That happens
    Froggs07: sorry
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: don't worry about it, I don't expect you to understand
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: you never really did understand me
    Froggs07: but i tried
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: noone does...but that just makes my little world far more comfortable
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: tried?
    Froggs07: i think i tried to
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: explain
    Froggs07: i always tried to kinda think like you so that i could understand where you were comin from with stuff
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: but how do you know how I think?
    Froggs07: i don'y and the more i tred to understand you the more confused i get
    Froggs07: got*
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: If anyone understood, I'd have loved for it to be you, but now I'm more of a mess than I ever was.
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: Yeah, I don't know what to say without sounding fake, but I work on a different level than everyone mind is just...chaos
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: you stabilized it while you existed, but in your parting you made it far worse than it was to begin with...but we've gone over that crap far more than we should have. But ever since long before you, I was a mess
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: just what happened is one of those come alive chaos moments
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: and that was the mess that I was afterwards
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: but that faded back to the dead I was in the first place
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: but now there's been so much more to bottle inside and I'm far more perceptive to everything around me than I used to be, so there's more to see, more to hate, more to interest me, more to love, more to piss me off....but I don't let any of it exist
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: the mess I was when you knew me was beyond I'm extra spicy
    Froggs07: i would love to exist again, but i don't know if it would help or harm you
    Froggs07: or even me
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I have no idea either. I feel like I'd be a plague on your life
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: because I know Brian dislike my existance in your life greatly
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: and for good reason
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: with the whole trying to break you up for a few months and attacking you and everything
    Froggs07: yeah...and i don't want it to get back to that, but i do miss being friends with you
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: and I know me existing in your life again will bring far more problems than solutions for you, so if you're completely happy as is, my best advice is to avoid me
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: oh, I'm not saying it will get back to that
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: there's just residual distaste for Brian, and you guys have that whole love stuff going on, and I don't want to cause any fighting
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I think as nice as it would be, it would be unhealthy for your present situation
    Froggs07: you're probball right, but when ever i look back on the family feild trips and pretty much all of 11th grade, i miss it
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: yeah, I look back and remember being happy, but don't you think that's dead and gone?
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I mean, is there really any way to revive that kind of childish, consequenceless happiness?
    Froggs07: if you put us together, we will always be childish, but consequenceless i don't think we can get that back
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: because everything we do would have some kind of repercussion on someone
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I mean even us just hanging out and talking again would upset Brian
    Froggs07: hanging out would upset him, becasue you're a boy and you used to like me, but talking i wouldn't bother him as much
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: yeah natural human insecurities would poison your relationship
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: hey, up to you...I'll just sit here like a zombie until you need me. But I have to go get ready for work
    Froggs07: okie dokie
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: one of the benefits of being emotionless is not loving or hating you. apathy is far easier to deal with, don't you think?
    Froggs07: i guess..but it still kinda feels like you dont like me sometimes
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I don't...but then again, I don't dislike you either.
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I have no reason for either
    Froggs07: thanks i think
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: ha ha, no need to thank me, it's not on purpose
    Froggs07: well have fun at work
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: I shall
    xNnYxCruciFiedx: sayonaram lovely
    Froggs07: bye bye

    he makes a few good points, but i just miss how things used to be....

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Hey there...
2004-06-07 20:43 (link)
This is xl0stinmydreams from [Unknown LJ tag]. As you can see, the community was suspended, as well as my journal, Kathryn's ( warxonxdrugs ), and many of our other users due to Blurty's age limit. :(

So we've decided to move our community over to greatestjournal at (please copy and paste I was having trouble getting the darn link to work)

We know it is a lot for us to ask of you, but please consider getting a greatestjournal user name and joining the new xbodacious_. It would really mean a lot to us, we miss you all!

If you decide not to get a greatestjournal and start over with us again, then thank you for all of your dedication to the old community. It was fun while it lasted.

Also, if you are in contact with any of the other suspended members of the old community, please notify them of our new home.

Questions? Feel free to IM me on AIM at xOrangeflipflops.

Sorry about all of this...


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