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Sandy (violentwhispers) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 13:45:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Kalmah - Evil in You

    .:. You Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself..and of Course the Boogie Man .:.
    The past few days I've been very busy, it's crazy. Friday I worked a double as usual, then Saturday me and Kenneth T. Stolye went and took our five hour course, that was the worst 5 hours of my life. First of all, the room we were in was couldn't have been any bigger than my dining room, the videos he made us watch were so old, Christopher Reeve was walking and talking like a normal human, the guy who taught it was old and it sounded like he was yelling the whole time. Then we got our half hour break, and we went to Daises, it took them forever to get our food and it wasn't that good. So we get back to the place five minutes early and everyone else was already back and he said "okay now that everyone is here, we'll get started" like we were 10 minutes late. So after we watched another movie we took the test, and Kenny got three wrong, and i got zero wrong..ha ha Kenny's dumb. So i called my mommy to come and get us, but she couldn't because the brake line on the Taurus broke and he had to take the truck, so me Kenny walked home in the rain. Then we went to Valu with my mommy to get my daddy's birthday present. We got him a fire pit. Then we went and got Jenny from The Rod cuz she worked for me and we went to the mall. We got my dad some clothes and new beach towel. We also got Amanda's birthday stuff we got her a big Cheer Bear, and a Care Bears blanket. Then we went home and the girls were there. I wrapped my dad's stuff and then he opened it and loved it all. Then about an hour later Brian came over and we went to Regal to buy movie tickets for his mommy and daddy and aunt Joy and Uncle Mike, and we bought our tickets too. Then we went to the mall and got mom's day cards and ate at Garfield's before we went to see Van Helsing. That was one awesome move, me Cristina and Jenny and Kenny may go and see it when Cristina sleeps over. Then we came back to my house and watched part of The Last Samauri. Then Sunday I had to work, that sucked. I'm never working another holiday again. I did it as a favor to Sally, but oh man did it suck, I did get 24 bucks at the end of the night, but it really wasn't worth it. Then I worked on Monday and I stayed and closed with Amanda, that was fun. Josh was gonna take us up to Mark's so that Amanda could get the Tracker, but Josh's truck wouldn't start, so we walked up there, we cross Camp Road and it starts to rain, we got a little further and this car beeps at us, then turns around and it was Jim Hodge, and he offered us a ride, but we're too cool to get a ride from him...ha we get to Mark's neighbor's house and we decide to cut across the grass, and it's a fricken marshland, so we got all muddy and then Herbie and Charlie heard us and woke Aunt Jean up. Then we went back to the Rod to check on Josh, Chris was on his way so that was good. I didn't get home till almost one, but we had fun. Then I worked yesterday too, and I get there and Jen Kaz is there, so i get screwed into busing because she can't do that even though she wouldn't stop doing all of my work. Yeah it was nice to have the help, but I didn't need it. But Aunt Jean told me to just write host on my time card, so im going to. Before I went to work me Jenny and Kenny went to Jacobi's and we saw Brian's Aunt Lynn, she came up and gave me a big hug and met Jenny and Kenny, then came over and said bye to us...she's such a nice lady. Last night Dave came in with coffee for us, and i was up all night, i tried to just force myself to sleep, but that didn't work, so i started to clean my f-ed up is that?? So tonight, one of my days off this week, me Brian, Dan and Rich, are going to see Beyond the im's been right around a year since i've seen them...and it's right around a year since Dan-E's dad died and that's sad. But this entry is entirely too long so im gonna go now

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Okay two things
2004-05-13 01:51 (link)
freaked me out about this entry. 1. it's been a year since I started going out with Amanda (so scary) and 2. it's been a year since that Opeth show (also scary) okay I'm done.

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Re: Okay two things
2004-05-13 13:13 (link)
yeah...the year did fly is quite scary

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