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Erica (victim21) wrote,
@ 2003-11-02 01:25:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:too late//drop the one

    Today was a good day. They've been good lately, its nice.

    Woke up at about 9 and it was so dark in my room, and it was so nice. So i watched fight club that pivo let me borrow. =) Then my mom came in and said "are we going?" So i took a shower and she took me to get my hair cut. its..meh. I wanted it shorter, but oh well. Then we went to kohls and went underwear shopping. My favoritest thing to do. After that we came home and i sat around and did laundry and dyed my hair. I messed it up, missed a spot or something. Damnit. Dont care though.

    After sitting around for a good portion of the afternoon george came and picked me up and we went to the muse and listened to this really horrible band. Walked around and talked to all the Lansing fucks whom i really do not like. Watched the second band, simple something. They were pretty good. Then Drop the one finally came on, the one we wanted to see and at first george was all scared cuz they were dressed up like guns and roses and they looked like they would be horrible. So they started playing and they were super good, and we both loved em. I've seen em before, but i mean..i dont remember it. haha. They are great though, everyone come to the show on the 14th to see them.

    George dropped me off at Brians house and when i got there they were playing with ice. Nerds. So then we was sittin round doin nothing, watchin skinemax, cuz the remote was broken. no lie. Then we finished watching the jerk. So i was a happy camper. Brian dropped me off at 12:30 and then he went home and got online and said some cool things to me. =] Hes taking me out to lunch tomarrow, or we're doing something tomarow at lunch time, and yeah. *does a dance*. Excited.

    Im in a very good mood, it was a nice day. I need some sleep.

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2003-11-02 13:43 (link)
post pictures!!

<3 nicole

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2003-11-02 22:36 (link)
The batteries on my camera are dead, i need to go buy new ones.
=[ otherwise i would. sorry.

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2003-11-03 00:00 (link)
oh. =(
::kicks pebble::

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