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Nippleus Erectous (viciousnipple) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 23:20:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Alk3- The Metro

    oh yeah
    Almost forgot... Alan is rad. He's on my team. Now I'm done.

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2004-03-01 23:31 (link)
i wont disagree with this entry, because for the most part, it is indeed true. [insert cool face here]

big BUTT, i will not sit here and take this.. i am here to announce that brianne is the fucking coolest person on the face of this earth. me and her can take out all these geeks that have nothing better to do than to comment on a journal of which they know nothing about. as long as these fuckfaces keep commenting and leaving bullshit remarks, ill be here. btw for geeks, they suck at fucking spelling, man. kind of oxymoronic...

anyways, if you never talk to me again, i just want you to remember one thing: mystery pube! :)

~the rad alan guy

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2004-03-02 03:00 (link)

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2004-03-02 03:10 (link)
Just a note, this is rather a new 'anonymous'... not one to be confused with the initial character to bash Brianne with inane comments and lost argumentative statements. My diminutive "HaH" was a blatant reference to your lame brownnosing of the Brianne.

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2004-03-02 15:41 (link)
oh ok...
i should make a username on blurty just so everyone knows im alan.
eh, too lazy right now.

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