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E. C Berkowitz (vi0lentlyhappy) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 12:13:00
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    Current mood: working
    Current music:Incubus - Just a Phase

    goodbye.nice to know you
    Just got back from Mich's, had to come home early coz i got stacks of homework **sigh** Ive so far learnt **counts** 47 out of the 97 questions ive got to know for my oral. Wish me luck. Ive got a long way to go. Plus ive got italian to learn,which is double that. Shit. Thats all i can come to. fucking SHIT
    Jayne just rang. Seems Pye tried it on. She sounded so damn upset. She was crying down the fone. I told her to get her dad to go along his house and threaten him (thats the advantage of having a really rough looking dad) and she was like,"no. i cant. it'll make it worse." So ill be having a little chat with Mr Daniel Pye on tuesday. he always makes jayne upset. hes so fucked in the head. freak. Hes the kinda guy u'll see in the paper for killing 5yr olds, or for indecent assault. fucker.
    It's Nick's birthday today!! Yup. The little guy's finally 15 :) Meh, I better get stuck into this load of fuckin' homework **sigh**
    Happy birthday Nicky boy.

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