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Jon (vetch) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 19:36:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:none

    today nothing much happened. it was sunday so YAY! i got up late and just watched TV and did HW all day. ah it wasnt that bad. yesterday i finished that fucking 1000 piece puzzle i have been working on for a week. wait a minute. fuck! there goes my entertainment. last night i watched the movie Dreamcatcher. that was some freak ass movie. its kinda funny cause these monsters come out of peoples asses andd they try to take over the world. lolololol. but damn it was scary too. and movies dont usually scare me. ugh gots school tomarrow. but w/e we get tuesday off again. "which is cool." then again i gotta go in for play practice that day. and speaking of the play we preform this friday and saturday night. and in my opinion it really sux major cock. well i didnt do to bad for my first journal entry i think. then why am i writing one of these anyways...noones gonna read it. also i created this thing in the first place cause im broed as hell...which is probably why everyone else created one. oh well w/e bye now

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2003-11-10 20:32 (link)
awww its cute jon hahahahaha

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