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veritasfox (veritasfox) wrote,
@ 2004-03-16 22:32:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:my stupid brother's voice

    cleaning house...
    i seem to have dug myself a virtual hole. opened the web account i use to get mail from blurty and was faced with 93 unread messages... yes 93... and no, i don't subscribe to porn. most were comment alerts from blurty and the rest were from a mailing list set up by a classmate so we can all share our internship experiences. anyway, i tried to catch up with most of the mail and answer comments etc. but it wasn't long before i just started deleting things randomly. my appologies if a comment of yours got lost in the rubble or if i didn't respond to something important. hit me here and now if you want to chat about anything. also, i'm not going to bother back-reading posts that i've missed (for my own sanity if nothing else) so if i've missed something important or fail to respond to some event - sorry. in other news... i have an interview with an eccentric artist in the morning, so i should be getting me arse to bed. (my st. paddy's day tribute) i can't understand why i'm not unconscious already as i swallowed a bunch of seroquel at like 6:30 tonight. (it was a bad day... don't recommend having your mother and your doctor gang up on you... makes you feel like shite.) waking up should feel like xmas, if the paper boy gets his arse out of bed before 8 during spring break. i'm told my military story is running front and center with colour photos and all. we'll just see... :)

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2004-03-17 23:48 (link)
Awesome news on your story. Good Job!
Oh, and happy St. Patricks day!

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