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veritasfox (veritasfox) wrote,
@ 2004-02-10 21:52:00
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    Current mood: curious

    new tunes

    Anybody heard any good music lately? I'm getting really bored with my MP3 collection. I like most everything, except hip-hop/rap.

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2004-02-11 04:34 (link)
I haven't heard any decent music lately, but I've heard some serious crap... does that count? :p

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2004-02-12 00:35 (link)

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Ah, why, of course!
2004-02-11 10:07 (link)
Some of my favorite music --- U2, Radiohead, Coldplay, Doves (not as well known, but they're really good,) Interpol (same for them,) Travis, Elliott Smith, The Shins (I'm listening to them now,) The White Stripes, The Strokes, Belle & Sebastian, Blur, and then a lot of classic rock and some classical.

I love love love music, I'm so obsessed --- I hope you find something you like in the above bands, though!

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Re: Ah, why, of course!
2004-02-12 00:34 (link)
i'm already a U2 fan... but i'll check out some of those other bands and get back to ya. what kind of music are they?

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Re: Ah, why, of course!
2004-02-12 07:43 (link)
Basically they're all alternative rock or indie rock, but let's see...

Radiohead --- very powerful, very beautiful, very melancholy (often even sort of desperate) and sometimes quite bizarre rock. I adore them. Get OK Computer (an album) because nobody can be without that and listen to it a few times, as it's the sort of music that really grows on you.
Coldplay --- a lot like U2. I'm sure you've heard their stuff before, but both albums (Parachutes and Rush of Blood to the Head) are really good.
Doves --- more alternative/indie rock, I guess. Lost Souls is a great album.
Interpol --- indie rock. The album is called Turn On the Bright Lights.
Travis --- indie rock. Sort of in the U2/Radiohead/Coldplay group. Beautiful melodies on the album The Invisible Band.
Elliott Smith --- indie singer/songwriter with some of the most beautifully sad songs I've ever heard.
The Shins --- cheerful indie rock.
White Stripes --- another of those "will save rock" bands, but they're really good.
The Strokes --- from NYC like Interpol, but less artsy. They're good, though, especially in their first album Is This It.
Belle & Sebastian --- quirky indie rock from Scotland. It's really cheerful, relaxing, and funny (lyrics are pretty original.)
Blur --- britpop, really, but I like them.

Anyways, sorry if my descriptions weren't really so good --- but you must must must check out at least Radiohead and Coldplay! Haha. I hope you enjoy the music --- I can recommend the best songs to start for for the different artists if you'd like as well!

See you~

From, Susanna

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Re: Ah, why, of course!
2004-02-13 21:24 (link)
i used to listen to radiohead years ago, but haven't lately.
i was also into belle and sebastian a couple summers ago... very cool!
not a huge cold play fan, never have been.
i'm intrigued by elliot smith... he sounds cool, i will try and find some of his stuff.
will definately check out interpol and travis - luv indie rock. :)

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2004-02-13 07:23 (link)
I have some new music you might get a kick out of... I think you've heard it before.. but still..

((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Thank you sooooooooo much for the Fefe Doberman or Dobson... I actually do like it, despite my claim otherwise.. that'll be our little secret, k? :p - I"m addicted the Revolution & Byebye BF. I'm a geek.


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2004-02-13 21:17 (link)
LOL - you like it because i'm a musical goddess and all music that i listen to rocks! yeah, i'm addicted to revolution song and everything. :)

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