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dollface (veritabella) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 17:11:00
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    "isn't the dahli lama a sheep"
    by any chance can you guess who said that? and believe me, they may deny it, but they so were NOT joking.

    went to lunch with jane and patrick. MUCH fun. saw someone i havent seen in a long ass time.

    so i knew it already so i cant really say it was a realization, but girls are MEAN to eachoter, i guess i just never realized the extent of it until today. there is this really bitch girl in my weights class who thinks she is the coolest thing in the world, and she juist so happens to be fat, like majorly obese, and today we were playing vooleybally and she got mad cause we didnt do it her way and started freaking out and told on us and so she gets all huffy and jane goes onto the other side of the net and they start verbally fighting and ends up jane calling her a fat whore. it was funny, hilarious, but shes a bitch and why do girls have to start shit for no reason. thay ALways need to have the one up.

    one stereotype that is true: cheerleaders. they are all little lumpy bitches with saggy boobs and eating disorders or brain disorders or something, i dont care what you say. they are all that way in some shape or form. the end.

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