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Tabby (vengefulpenguin) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 21:11:00
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    2morrow Belchertown gets out of school. Fuck You ALL!!! Pathfinder gets out on Friday. Blah. I have finals all this week Grrr. The Up side 2 all of this is that Brandon is coming over on Friday. Next Friday is his Birthday. He'll be 17. I kno exactly what I want 2 get him it's at Hot Topic. but 1) No Money. 2) No Ride. The money I'm not that worried about, what I need is a ride. But my family doesn't like 2 go 2 the Holyoke Mall. So I'm screwed. :-(. It makes me really upset/sad that I might not be able to get him anything for his Birthday. :-( ^Tear^

    2day I had my Related Final. 2morrow I have the Math final & I think the English Final. Wednesday I'm not sure. Thursday My History Final. Blah Blah Blah. Hopefully I'll find a way 2 pass them all. ^Prays 2 God & Goddess^

    10 Days ago Sully turned 16. lol

    Brandon and I are stuck with eachother for life. It's the greatest feeling in the world. And makes me really happy. Even if we see some things differently. He's everything 2 me.

    Todays Random Question. If you could take any 2 animals & make 1 new animal what would those animals be, & what would you call your new animal?

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